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You just know that roulette, a game that has its roots in the glamourous casino of Monaco is going to come with glitz and thrill. Roulette was given its name after the French word for little wheel. But online roulette is anything but small, with a single number payout coming in at 35 to one.

Roulette is a legendary game. From acting as the backdrop of Dostoyevsky’s the Gambler to Mr. Revell’s epic win in 2004. Do you know the story? Londoner Ashley Revell sold all his worldly possessions and placed a $135,300 bet on red in Las Vegas. He won the bet, and took home a cool $270,600. Where else can you double your fortune in a single second?

At Bonus Ninja we scour Canadian online casinos for the very best casinos to play roulette online and where to find the best bonuses. 

The Best Roulette Casinos in Canada

  • Fully Canadian-owned
  • Multi-faceted sports betting library
  • Super organised dashboard
    • No wagering requirements
    • More than 2,800 casino games
    • Mobile-friendly website
      • 2,000+ games
      • 80+ live casino games
      • 24/7 customer support
        • Fast payouts
        • 8,000+ games
        • 24/7 customer support
          Amazon Slots logo
          5. Amazon Slots
          • Cool Mega Reel function
          • Great promotions
          • Very fast payouts
            Betano logo
            6. Betano
            • Great offers!
            • Very good sportsbook and virtual sports
            • Helpful customer support
              Videoslots logo
              7. Videoslots
              • One of the best casinos
              • Huge amount of games
              • Fast money transfers
                • Vast game library
                • Mobile app
                • Sportsbook
                  • Interactive live dealer games
                  • Customizable gaming library
                  • 24/7 customer support
                    • Generous loyalty program
                    • 600+ casino games
                    • Numerous poker varieties
                      • 1,500+ games
                      • Mobile app
                      • 24/7 customer support
                        • 3,000+ games
                        • 24/7 customer support
                        • Mobile-friendly website
                        • Various payment methods
                          • 3,000+ games
                          • 24/7 customer support
                          • Mobile-friendly website
                          • Instant deposits and fast payouts
                            • User-friendly mobile interface
                            • Game library of over 1000+ games
                            • Amazing loyalty program
                              • 3,000+ casino games
                              • Innovative player campaigns
                              • Robust cybersecurity
                                • Over 550 casino games
                                • Five deposit bonuses
                                • Mobile-friendly website
                                  • Large variety of bonuses
                                  • 40+ megaways slots
                                  • Mobile casino apps
                                    • Over 400 casino games
                                    • Mobile-friendly
                                    • Excellent loaylty programme
                                      • 550+ casino games
                                      • Excellent safety features
                                      • 15+ payment methods
                                        • 550+ games
                                        • Mobile app
                                        • 24/7 customer support

                                          How To Choose the Best Online Roulette Sites

                                          Experienced punters often have specific preferences for online casinos, and the large number of available online venues makes it difficult to proclaim one or two websites as the definitive best choices. However, auditors and regulators use a set of objective factors to determine which iGaming platforms are high-quality establishments. These criteria include:

                                          1. Customer support
                                          2. RTP rates
                                          3. Gaming licenses
                                          4. Payment methods
                                          5. Cybersecurity
                                          6. Playthrough requirements
                                          7. Available games
                                          8. Auditor certificates

                                          Customer Support

                                          Responsive customer support is one of the pillars of any respectable online casino because it ensures all player issues are dealt with efficiently. Trustworthy casinos have a continuous focus on customer support, as it enhances their reputation among players—negative word-of-mouth about unresponsive venues spreads easily throughout online casino communities.

                                          This makes quality customer support a telltale sign of a reputable iGaming establishment. Most of them let you communicate with the support staff through the following three channels:

                                          1. Email
                                          2. Live chat
                                          3. Toll-free phone line

                                          While the phone line is sometimes the easiest way to voice a complaint, bear in mind that the lines are rarely open outside of business hours at most casinos. Top-notch casinos also have extensive Frequently Asked Questions pages, where you can find some answers quickly. 

                                          RTP Rates

                                          Plenty of metrics can influence the quality of your casino experience, but for roulette players, few are as paramount as the return-to-player (RTP) rate. These rates show the long-term payout rates of a specific game, indicating the aggregate results all players can expect throughout the game’s lifetime.

                                          If a roulette variation has a 95% payout rate and all players bet $200 in the long run, they can expect to receive back $190 as winnings. The remaining $10, or 5%, is the house edge—the inverse value of the RTP rate. It’s crucial to only play games with high RTP rates at dependable establishments. 

                                          It’s important to understand that RTP rates can’t predict the outcome of any single bet or a single player’s winnings over the course of the game. A title’s RTP rate only shows the combined winnings all players can expect in the long run. 

                                          High RTP rates are still the main indicators of a fair play environment at an online casino because the RTP rate is the inverse value of the house edge. A casino that maintains a 95% RTP rate for roulette will have a house edge of 5 percent. RTP rates for roulette games rarely fall below 90% naturally—although American Roulette always has a lower RTP rate than its European counterpart, thanks to the extra zero pocket. 

                                          Always play at iGaming venues with high RTP rates to ensure the best long-term odds. 

                                          Gaming Licenses

                                          Respectable online casinos function in compliance with relevant gaming laws, receiving gaming licenses from local authorities as a result. Canadian gambling laws allow individual provinces to regulate online gaming activities in their respective jurisdictions, which is why some provinces have local gaming regulators—such as Quebec and Ontario

                                          As a Canadian, it’s generally recommended to only play at online casinos licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. However, licenses issued by other regulators from different countries also carry a lot of weight. 

                                          Here are some of the most respected gaming regulators across the world:

                                          Home CountryGaming Regulator
                                          MaltaMalta Gaming Authority (MGA)
                                          GibraltarGibraltar Gaming Commissioner (GGC)
                                          AlderneyAlderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)
                                          United KingdomUnited Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)
                                          SwedenSwedish Gambling Authority (SGA)
                                          Isle of ManIsle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (ISGSC)
                                          CuraçaoCuraçao Gaming Control Board (GCB)

                                          Never play at unlicensed casinos—they’re almost always fraudulent enterprises. A trustworthy online establishment will always prominently display its licenses on its website because they’re the most important credentials.

                                          Payment Methods

                                          Every reputable online casino provides at least a few different payment methods to its players, allowing them to deposit and withdraw funds in the most convenient way. If an online casino only has one or two banking options, and they’re suspiciously uncommon—it’s probably a venue to stay away from. 

                                          Most payment processors shy away from facilitating transactions with illegal or shady businesses. The absence of commonly used banking methods may indicate that an online casino isn’t considered a legitimate company by mainstream payment services. 

                                          Legitimate online casinos succeed thanks to the quality of their services, which is why they strive to provide as many different payment options as possible. This makes payments more convenient for players, improving their gameplay experience at the venue. 

                                          Here’s a list of the most common payment methods at online casinos:

                                          Bear in mind that some banks in Canada automatically decline gaming-related transactions via credit and debit cards. Bank transfers are usually allowed, but they’re also slower and accompanied by additional fees.

                                          Auditor Certificates

                                          Gaming licenses are the most important credentials of any online casino, but they don’t always paint a detailed picture of the gameplay conditions at that establishment. The iGaming industry also uses third-party auditors to fill in the blanks and perform more detailed inspections of individual games, along with the casino’s cybersecurity and withdrawal processing.

                                          Before gaming authorities issue a license, they’ll usually consult auditors to corroborate their own findings—making auditor certificates another important casino credential. Here’s a list of the most respectable auditing organizations for online casinos: 

                                          1. BMM Testlabs
                                          2. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
                                          3. iTech Labs
                                          4. eCOGRA
                                          5. Technical Systems Testing (TST)

                                          To confirm a casino’s legitimacy, check if it has certificates issued by one of these auditors before depositing money and playing. 

                                          Playthrough Requirements

                                          Only players who opt into casino campaigns and claim casino money must fulfill wagering requirements—also called playthrough requirements—before making a withdrawal.

                                          If you keep playing solely with your deposited funds, you don’t have any playthrough requirements and you’re free to make a withdrawal request at any time. It’s imperative to familiarize yourself with a campaign’s playthrough requirements before opting in—sometimes, they can be steep enough to make the casino campaign not worthwhile.

                                          The requirements are usually shown in the casino’s Terms and Conditions page, expressed as a playthrough count. For example, opting into a campaign that brings $100 in casino money and involves a 20x wagering requirement means you have to wager $2,000 before withdrawing any further funds. 

                                          Fraudulent online casinos often entice players with unrealistically generous campaigns, only to make withdrawing funds impossible due to overly restrictive playthrough requirements. A casino campaign that provides $1,000 in casino money is practically useless if the wagering requirement is 100x. You’d need to wager $100,000 before withdrawing anything, making the $1,000 campaign irrelevant.


                                          Online security is a crucial aspect of playing at any online casino. You should consider it carefully before creating an account at any venue to avoid online scams, which can result in financial loss and identity theft. Thankfully, gaming regulators and auditors pay special attention to cybersecurity before granting a casino a gaming license or certificate. 

                                          Good cybersecurity is vital for an online casino because you share vast amounts of personal and financial information whenever you play roulette or other casino games online—and these need to be properly protected.

                                          Respectable and legal casinos have to perform exhaustive background checks to confirm each player’s identity—it’s the only way to prevent money laundering through online casinos. That’s why you need to provide lots of personally identifiable information when you register an account. 

                                          To facilitate deposits and withdrawals, you must also provide detailed financial info—another reason to only play at secure establishments, where your data will be safe from unauthorized access.

                                          A robust approach to cybersecurity is impossible without data encryption, which is why most casinos use one of these two encryption protocols:

                                          1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
                                          2. Transport Layer Security (TLS)

                                          You can see whether a casino uses these by checking if it has a padlock icon beside its URL in your browser. However, the presence of a valid auditor certificate and gaming license is still your best guarantee of a secure gaming environment.

                                          What Are the Best Online Roulette Games?

                                          Depending on your online casino of choice, you’ll have different options regarding online roulette varieties. There are three basic games you’ll find at most real casinos and online venues:

                                          1. European roulette
                                          2. American roulette
                                          3. French roulette

                                          The names of these roulette varieties are derived from their respective places of origin, but their mutual differences extend beyond geography. 

                                          European roulette is the basic, mainstream version of the game that’s prevalent in most online casinos. In this version of roulette, the wheel has 37 pockets and a single zero. The American version of roulette is a simple variation of the original European game—the main difference is an additional pocket with two zeroes, which gives the house an additional edge compared to other roulette varieties.

                                          French roulette is also similar to its European counterpart but with additional features that can be beneficial to players, such as the La Partage and En Prison rules which govern even-money bets. The largest and most successful online casinos usually host games created according to all three roulette rulesets, giving players the opportunity to choose according to their preferences.

                                          Other Types of Roulette

                                          Besides the three main roulette varieties, you’ll find other niche versions of the game in some online casinos, including:

                                          • 3D Roulette—Online game with one of the three basic rulesets but presented with better-quality 3D graphics
                                          • Multi-Wheel Roulette—Allows players to simultaneously play on multiple roulette wheels, making the game more complex but also more exciting
                                          • Live Roulette—Lets players bet on physical roulette wheels operated by real croupiers, broadcast via live stream from a studio or a land-based casino
                                          • Roulette Royale—All the thrills of an ordinary roulette game but elevated with the inclusion of a progressive jackpot
                                          • Mini Roulette—A faster-paced roulette variety with a smaller number of pockets
                                          • Double Ball Roulette—A version of roulette with two balls, allowing for more complex and interesting wagers
                                          • Pinball Roulette—Instead of spinning on a wheel, the virtual ball bounces around on a pinball board before landing randomly in one of the pockets below

                                          After trying out these varieties on some of the top online roulette sites for Canadian players, you’ll likely develop personal preferences and decide which of these are the most suitable for your playstyle.

                                          Top 10 Online Roulette Casinos in Canada

                                          Before playing at any online establishment, you should consider all the facets of a high-quality online casino that we’ve discussed. However, if you want a quick answer to the question of “What is the best online roulette site in Canada,” we’ve prepared a detailed list of recommendations right here.

                                          Each of the online casinos below has been examined in detail and evaluated based on objective factors. Here are our top 10 picks for the best online roulette websites: 

                                          CasinoTop FeaturesGateway
                                          Casumo Respectable operator
                                          Quick withdrawals
                                          Abundance of roulette titles
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          Spinz3,000+ titles
                                          Easily navigable website
                                          Huge number of roulette varieties
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          DraftKings CasinoFrequently updated sportsbook 
                                          Reasonable playthrough requirements
                                          Many roulette games
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          BetMGM CasinoOwned by Las Vegas casino
                                          Mobile-friendly interface
                                          60+ roulette games
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          UnibetTrustworthy casino operator
                                          Fair RTP rates
                                          Variety of software providers
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          ComeOn1x wagering requirement
                                          Popular game providers
                                          Plenty of different banking options
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          MansionCasinoFair RTP rates
                                          15+ payment options 
                                          Mobile apps
                                          Dedicated customer support 
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          HelloCasino60+ game developers
                                          Fair gaming conditions
                                          Secure data encryption
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          Lucky DaysTrustworthy game providers
                                          Plenty of regulatory oversight
                                          Various roulette games
                                          Visit the casino!
                                          Luxury CasinoIGC collaboration and eCOGRA certificate 
                                          Plenty of live roulette games
                                          Responsive support staff 
                                          Visit the casino!


                                          Join the Casumoverse To Win Big

                                          While our list of the best online casinos for roulette arranges these establishments in no particular order, Casumo definitely deserves one of our top spots—this Malta-based establishment with spotless credentials provides enough roulette varieties for any devoted player.

                                          The venue has a credible gaming license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and another one provided by the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner.

                                          If you’re a fan of roulette games with modern 3D graphics, you’ll likely be happy with Casumo’s game library. The casino provides a wide range of modern roulette titles by top-notch developers, including popular roulette games by Playtech. This large variety of games is presented in an easily navigable, modern user interface.

                                          Punters who frequently opt into casino campaigns will also appreciate Casumo’s low wagering requirements—in most cases, the casino lets you request a withdrawal after only 30 playthroughs. The withdrawals have a monthly limit, but it’s currently set at $50,000—making the limit a non-issue for everyone but the heaviest-hitting punters. 

                                          Regardless of the casino’s limited number of payment methods, withdrawals at Casumo are quite fast. Players rarely have to wait more than a few business days for their requests to be fulfilled by Casumo’s responsive staff. They’re also great when it comes to customer support—you can contact them 24/7 through a live chat interface and via email.



                                          • Responsive customer support
                                          • Fast withdrawals
                                          • Multiple roulette varieties


                                          • Limited options for payment methods


                                          Wild Spinz and Big Winz

                                          While Spinz sounds like a slot-focused establishment, you can be sure it’s far more than that. Despite being a relative newcomer to the online casino scene in Canada, Spinz captivated the attention of many local players with a huge number of casino games—you can choose from over 3,000 exciting titles, including almost every type of online roulette. 

                                          You’ll be particularly pleased if you’re a fan of live dealer roulette, as Spinz has one of the most diverse live casino sections on our list. The venue gives you a wide range of dealers and live game varieties to choose from.

                                          The vast number of available titles isn’t the only way the casino ensures variety—these games are provided by one of the most diverse portfolios of game developers, including Microgaming, NetENT, Pragmatic, and more than 70 other companies. 

                                          As a result, you can stick to mainstream favourites like Play or try out one of the many lesser-known game studios that Spinz has decided to showcase on their website. Spinz makes it easy to search for specific titles or discover new ones based on various filters—an important feature for ease of use, considering the thousands of available games. 

                                          While this venue is dedicated to speedy withdrawals, this efficiency is coupled with a downside similar to Casumo’s main issue—you don’t have a wide range of banking options, not counting Interact, payment cards, and bank transfers.



                                          • 3,000+ titles
                                          • Large number of roulette varieties
                                          • Easily navigable game library
                                          • Fast withdrawals


                                          • Small variety of banking options

                                          DraftKings Casino

                                          Step Into the Regal World of Gaming and Claim Your Throne

                                          DraftKings Casino is not just one of the best online roulette sites you can access in Canada—it also provides one of the best casino experiences in general. While you can limit your activities here to the venue’s many available roulette varieties, you also have access to various popular table games and an excellent sportsbook section.

                                          While the main DraftKings website is dedicated to fantasy sports, its parent company also maintains the roulette-heavy casino site we’re reviewing here. 

                                          Besides multiple roulette varieties, this venue is also known for its live casino section, which includes an impressive range of different live dealers. While the majority of popular online casinos offer at least a rudimentary live casino experience, DraftKings Casino stands out by providing a level of graphical fidelity and game variety that brings it as close as possible to the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar establishment. 

                                          If you’re a fan of casino campaigns, DraftKings doesn’t disappoint in that regard. New campaigns are made available routinely, and most of them come with only a token wagering requirement of 15x. It’s one of the lowest required playthrough counts in the industry, though with one caveat—you must fulfill them within 30 days of activating the campaign.

                                          The casino’s support staff is adequately responsive and available via email and live chat—the usual support channels.



                                          • Sportsbook and poker section
                                          • Large number of roulette titles
                                          • Low wagering requirements with 15x playthroughs


                                          • 30-day deadline for wagering requirements

                                          BetMGM Casino

                                          Place a Winning Bet at BetMGM

                                          While our previous choice was a household name among fantasy sports platforms, our next pick is a name instantly recognizable by most experienced punters. BetMGM Casino is the online branch of the MGM Grand—a famous land-based Vegas establishment.

                                          Besides its promising pedigree, BetMGM has plenty to offer to any roulette enthusiast. The website is home to 60+ different roulette games, many of which are live dealer titles with a wide choice of croupiers.

                                          The list of advantages to playing at BetMGM doesn’t stop there, as you can always spice things up with its popular sportsbook, the constantly changing player campaigns, and a huge number of slots and table games. 

                                          It should be noted that BetMGM is one of the best live online roulette sites for mobile users, regardless of your chosen device. The casino provides dedicated apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, although playing on the big screen of a laptop or a desktop computer is still the best option for more graphically-intensive 3D titles. 

                                          Ease of use is one of BetMGM’s core principles, which is also clear from the casino’s easily navigable interface. The only real downside of playing at BetMGM is that the available activities can vary depending on your location, which you have to select the first time you enter the website.



                                          • Reputable casino operator owned by Las Vegas casino
                                          • Easily navigable interface
                                          • Mobile-friendly design


                                          • Service differs depending on the location


                                          Make Your Bet and Beat the Odds

                                          Unlike many of the other high-quality roulette sites we’ve reviewed so far, Unibet isn’t a recent addition to the iGaming industry—in fact, this website first appeared in the late 1990s. Since then, Unibet has done a lot to attract casino enthusiasts, including its impressive variety of roulette games.

                                          Besides a dozen popular roulette titles, Unibet also entices players with a decent selection of casino campaigns. The casino holds licenses from respectable regulators, such as the Malta Gaming Authority. 

                                          Unibet is also notable for its interesting selection of software providers, over a dozen of which provide the website with around 1,000 games. While some of them are notable industry names like NetEnt and Microgaming, Unibet also lets lesser-known developers prove their mettle and showcase their titles—though the casino still doesn’t compromise on quality. 

                                          As a result, you can play some of the most interesting and niche roulette variations here, many of which you won’t find at other top-notch casinos. Besides roulette, Unibet also provides access to an excellent selection of slots and table games—most notably poker, for which you’ll find a number of popular tournaments hosted at the casino.

                                          The only issue you might find with the casino are steep wagering requirements—for some offers, they’re as high as 50x.



                                          • Various software providers
                                          • Trustworthy, long-standing casino
                                          • Large number of roulette variations


                                          • 50x wagering requirements


                                          Come On Over and See if the Fortune Favours You

                                          With ComeOn, we pivot back to more recent entries to the Canadian iGaming market. While the casino was founded in 2008, it has only been available to Canadian punters since 2022. It’s still managed to remain competitive with other long-standing names, largely thanks to its generous wagering requirements.

                                          If Unibet’s 50x playthrough requirement seemed over the top, ComeOn represents the opposite extreme—this casino maintains a simple 1x wagering requirement for most player campaigns. In practice, this means a $50 campaign only requires you to wager $50 before your next withdrawal request.

                                          Not counting a few iGaming establishments that forgo wagering requirements altogether, this is the lowest playthrough requirement you’ll find at any online casino. 

                                          ComeOn doesn’t disappoint in terms of available titles either, all of which were designed by heavy hitters among iGaming developers. The list of ComeOn’s software providers includes names like Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and half a dozen other recognizable studios.

                                          While its roundup of available roulette titles includes Quantum Roulette, Slingshot Roulette, and a few other interesting variations on European Roulette, it should be noted that the variety of roulette games leaves something to be desired—though all games present are high-quality products from dependable developers.

                                          The variety of available payment methods is decent, as you can choose between a number of eWallets, the most popular payment cards, and a few prepaid vouchers.



                                          • 1x playthrough requirements
                                          • Prestigious software providers
                                          • Decent number of payment options


                                          • Low number of different roulette varieties


                                          Explore the Games of the Luxurious Online Mansion

                                          MansionCasino is another top-notch choice for any roulette enthusiast in Canada. The website is a household name in the iGaming industry, having been in operation since 2003—though Canadian citizens have only been able to access it legally since 2022. 

                                          Experienced roulette players know how crucial high RTP rates are for a fair gaming environment, which is why MansionCasino is often their first choice. This casino is certified by independent auditors who’ve confirmed the establishment’s commendable fair play conditions.

                                          Besides decent RTP rates for roulette titles, Mansion Casino also attracts punters with its mobile-friendly approach. The casino is available on iOS and Android devices through dedicated apps, though you can also use your favourite mobile browser to access most games. 

                                          The casino follows the latest industry standards regarding customer support as well. MansionCasino’s support staff is available round-the-clock and reachable via email, live chat, and even a dedicated phone line—though the last option is only open during working hours in Canada.

                                          While the casino hosts games by popular iGaming developers, the total number of available titles is lower than at most other venues we’ve listed here. There are only 300 games to choose from, including slots and other table games. However, MansionCasino makes up for this with 17 different payment methods and an immense live casino section with over 30 titles.



                                          • Fair gaming conditions
                                          • 17 banking methods
                                          • Mobile-friendly interface
                                          • Responsive support staff


                                          • Only 300 available games


                                          Say Hello to a Night of Fun and Fortune

                                          Many players prefer casinos that host games created by a wide range of different developers so they can try out different rulesets and graphical environments for their favourite roulette games. If you count yourself among them, HelloCasino will likely be an excellent choice for your next iGaming destination. 

                                          This venue can stand side-by-side with Spinz when it comes to the number of its software providers—over 60 different developers have created content for HelloCasino, and many of the resulting products are thrilling roulette titles.

                                          You’ll also be happy to hear that HelloCasino features some of the highest RTP rates for roulette titles, most of which have an RTP of 90+ percent. Considering that roulette is primarily a game of chance, such high average RTP rates mean your long-term chances of success are higher—though, of course, the outcome of any single bet is never guaranteed. 

                                          Apart from a diversified game portfolio and high RTP rates, HelloCasino has another thing going for it compared to lower-quality online casinos—an impressive level of cybersecurity, complete with top-notch TLS data encryption.

                                          If you’re using a debit or credit card to fund your account, you can rest easy knowing that HelloCasino strictly follows industry guidelines for secure card processing. However, the number of available payment methods at HelloCasino isn’t impressive—apart from major payment cards, you can only choose between six other banking options.



                                          • Titles from over 60 iGaming studios
                                          • Secure data encryption
                                          • High RTP rates


                                          • Only 8 payment methods

                                          Lucky Days

                                          Where Every Day Is Your Lucky Day

                                          Lucky Days is another new player in Canada’s online casino market, as it’s been in operation since 2019. However, the casino has quickly managed to propel itself into many top lists thanks to its high-quality, player-centric service.

                                          The casino’s credentials are impeccable, as the establishment is backed by gaming licenses from some of the most reputable casino regulators in the world. In Canada, Lucky Days is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Besides a KGC license, the venue also has licenses from the following agencies:

                                          1. Curaçao Gaming Control Board (CGCB)
                                          2. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
                                          3. Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA)

                                          Lucky Days is also notable for its respectable game developers. While many of the other establishments on our list host titles from a wider range of iGaming studios, Lucky Days opts for a limited but carefully curated selection of suppliers, which includes Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt.

                                          Roulette enthusiasts often choose this online casino because it offers access to all the classic variations of the game, including American, French, and European roulette. You can also enjoy the thrill of over 24 live casino titles—though only a small number of these are roulette games.

                                          While the lack of more live roulette games isn’t ideal, the casino makes up for it in other ways—like its dependable cybersecurity posture and a huge number of payment options.



                                          • Respectable game providers
                                          • Licenses from major regulators
                                          • A decent number of roulette games


                                          • Few live roulette titles

                                          Luxury Casino

                                          A Taste of the Lush Life

                                          Our final choice is Luxury Casino, an establishment that has enjoyed a steady string of success since its founding in 2011. Besides an obvious dedication to high-quality roulette titles that helped it land a spot on our list, the casino is also known for a stable, trustworthy, and secure iGaming environment.

                                          While many online casinos have over-the-top names because they sound cool, Luxury Casino has actually earned its alluring moniker. The venue boasts some of the most responsive customer support teams, always responsive and ready to deal with any player problems. You can message them via a contact form on the Luxury Casino website or contact them via email and live chat. Currently, a phone line is also available during business hours. 

                                          Most of the games available at Luxury Casino have been developed by two major iGaming teams—Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. The latter of the two is responsible for the entire live games section at Luxury Casino, including the thrilling live roulette titles with real croupiers. 

                                          In terms of credentials, Luxury Casino has all the required gaming licenses and eCOGRA certifications, and it’s also registered with the Vancouver-based Interactive Gaming Council. This ensures the casino follows IGC’s code of conduct for fair and honest gaming. 

                                          The only downside of this establishment is that some casino campaigns aren’t compatible with all available payment methods.



                                          • Approved by IGC and eCOGRA
                                          • Various roulette and live roulette titles
                                          • Responsive support team


                                          • Some campaigns aren’t available with all banking options

                                          Online Casinos To Avoid

                                          Regardless of the number of available roulette games, you should always ensure you’re playing at a safe and honest iGaming establishment. Plenty of shady and illegal online casinos lure in players with promises of unrealistic campaigns and shiny graphics—use the casinos above as examples of trustworthy businesses that deserve your time and attention. 

                                          With that in mind, we’ve also prepared a few examples of iGaming websites you should avoid for various reasons—including suspicion of fraud, lack of a transparent ownership structure, and no gaming licenses from major regulators. Some of these online casinos are: 

                                          House of Spades
                                          • Low withdrawal limits
                                          • Limited responsible gaming options
                                          • Account will not be closed upon request
                                          True Flip
                                          • Poor customer support
                                          • Unclear T&C
                                          • Refuses payouts
                                          Crazy Fox
                                          • Refuses payouts
                                          • Poor customer support
                                          • The verification process takes too long

                                          This is by no means a complete list, and there are plenty of other casinos you should avoid. Some of them may appear legitimate up to the point you request a withdrawal. From then on, they’ll try everything to delay or cancel your payout. To avoid scammers, only play at trustworthy establishments with proper licenses and other credentials.

                                          The History of Roulette

                                          Most of the best table games seem to have originated from the French casinos of the 17th century. Unlike other casino games, roulette actually includes aspects of physics. So, it’s no surprise that Roulette was actually invented by Blaise Pascal, an inventor, physicist and mathematician. 

                                          The story goes that Mr. Pascal was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine, he didn’t quite manage (because it is actually impossible), but his invention has paved the way for roulette as we know it today.

                                          The initial game didn’t include the zero, so there really wasn’t a house edge. Obviously when it became prevalent in casinos, they needed a way to make money. And so, the zero was added to the game. It was first seen at the casino in Monaco and designed to raise more money for the Royal family of Monaco, who own the famous casino. 

                                          Later in the 19th century the thrilling game travelled across the pond to the US where a second zero was added, again increasing the house edge and making it more profitable for casinos. 

                                          How do you play Roulette?

                                          Roulette is one of those special games that can be as rewarding to the novice as the adept. The game is exceedingly simple to get the hang of. It can also offer interesting complexities for proper punters.  

                                          Before you place your first bet, we strongly suggest you at least develop a basic understanding of the rules of the game. 

                                          The Basics

                                          A Roulette table consists of two main parts: the wheel and the betting table. The wheel is split into 37 or 38 segments. The segments are labelled 1 to 36. In European Roulette you’ll find one zero. In American Roulette there is a zero and a double zero. 

                                          Although the odds of hitting any number are always 37 to 1 (or 38 to 1 for American Roulette), some players like to know what numbers have most recently been hit, these number will always be listed somewhere for the players to view. 

                                          The betting table consists of a number of options. In the middle you’ll find the numbers 1 to 36. Along the periphery are the remainder of the betting options. red and black, odds and evens, one in a row, two in a row, three in a row and specific number ranges. 


                                          The first thing you need to do to play roulette is place your wager on the betting table. Each bet has different odds and different payouts. 

                                          • Bet on red or black and win for a 1 to 1 payout
                                          • Bet on even or odd and win for a 1 to 1 payout
                                          • Bet on low (1 to 18) or high (19 to 36) and win for a 1 to 1 payout
                                          • Bet on one of the three columns and win for a 2 to 1 payout
                                          • Bet on a group of 12 numbers (lowest 12, middle 12 and highest 12) and win for a 2 to 1 payout
                                          • A six-line bet is placed on six numbers over two adjacent rows. (you’ll need to place your chip on the edge of the lines between the rows). If you win, the payout is 5 to 1. 
                                          • If you place your chip over the intersecting corners of four numbers, you’ll be paid out 8 to 1 for a win
                                          • You can place a bet on all three numbers in a row by placing your chip on the edge of the row. Win your wager to receive a payout of 11 to 1. This bet is known as a street bet. 
                                          • Place a split bet by wagering on two numbers. Win for a payout of 17 to 1.  
                                          • The highest payout is received by placing and winning a bet placed on a single number. Known as a straight up bet, the payout is 35 to 1. 

                                          Just in terms of lingo, the first five bets are known as outside bets while the last five are known as inside bets (because they form the inner part of the betting table). Inside bets are placed on individual numbers, outside bets are placed on sets of numbers. 

                                          Before placing your bet, make sure you know the table limits. Choose the amount you want to wager and place your bet.

                                          Each player is given a different colour to represent their stake. This ensures that players can identify their own bets in comparison to other players. 

                                          Playing the Game

                                          After placing your bet, there is nothing you can do but watch the croupier spin the marble. The wheel is spun in one direction and the marble is thrown along the edge in the opposite direction. The ball will come to rest on one of the segments and winning punters will be paid out. 

                                          House edge

                                          All casino games hold a house edge. For a casino to remain viable they must be able to make some money, this is done through the house edge. For each game there is a slightly better chance for the casino to win rather than the player. 

                                          Roulette is actually a great way illustrate a house edge. Let’s look at a bet on black at European Roulette table. You’d think that you’d have a 50/50 chance of winning, but it’s actually less than that. Why? Because the zero isn’t red or black, it is green.  In other words, there is a 48.6% chance of hitting red or black and a 2.7% chance of landing on green. So, even if all players place their bets on red or black, there is a 1 in 37 chance that none of the players will win their bet.  

                                          The different bets in Roulette all have a different house edge. It’s also important to note that because of the double zero in American Roulette, the house edge is much higher. 

                                          Roulette variants

                                          Roulette has been popular for hundreds of years, and it just keeps growing in popularity. Enter a physical casino and it’s bound to surrounded by eager punters watching the little ball fall into place. Like Blackjack, Craps and Poker it’s one of those games that often makes an appearance in movies

                                          Different versions of roulette

                                          Traditional Roulette Variants

                                          These are the most typical variants of Roulette; you’ll find them at brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. It’s very rare to find a physical casino that offers a Roulette variant outside to these options.  

                                          European Roulette

                                          European Roulette is by far that most prevalent variant. There are 37 segments on the wheel; 1 to 36 and a single zero. Zero is green, half of the remainder are red, and the other half are black. The zero results in a house edge of 2.7%.

                                          This variant sometimes includes extra bets: Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero), Orphelins (Orphans) and Tiers du Cylindre (Third of the Wheel of Tiers). Each of these makes up a section of the board. The Voisins du Zero are unsurprisingly the set of numbers closest to the zero. The Tiers du Cylindre are the furthest. 

                                          French Roulette

                                          French Roulette is very similar to European Roulette. It also only includes a single zero. It however offers a little something extra to players. If the ball lands on zero and you placed your bet on any of the “even” bets, you’ll receive half your bet back. 

                                          This gives French Roulette the smallest house edge out of any roulette game. It’s also got a bit of a quirk in that the bets are always printed in French, so you may need to brush up on your language skills. 

                                          American Roulette

                                          Where French Roulette has the lowest highest house edge, America Roulette tends to have the highest. This variant of Roulette has an extra segment, the double zero. This pushes the house edge up to 5.26%.

                                          With all the variants of European and French Roulette available our recommendation here at Bonus Ninja is to avoid this option all together. If you are ok with these odds, you might actually be better off playing Slots, where you could stand the chance of winning a Progressive Jackpot. 

                                          Can I play roulette on mobile?

                                          Special online games

                                          Online Roulette offers more variation than physical casinos. Although you can play the traditional variants at online casinos, there are also a number of special variants that you can also play online. 

                                          Another perk of online casinos is that you can play it for free giving you the opportunity to try a game out before committing any real money

                                          Mini Roulette

                                          Like it says on the box, mini Roulette is just a smaller version of Roulette. The game only has 13 slots. There are 6 red slots, 6 black slots and 1 green representing the zero. Obviously, that pushes the house edge up, to 7.7%, so it’s probably not advised to go for the even bets on this one. However, with only 13 options, you’ve got a decent chance to hit the straight up bet. The payout it is smaller at 11:1, but who knows you might get lucky? 

                                          Multi Wheel Roulette

                                          Not every version of Multi Wheel Roulette is the same. Some include several separate wheels, while others have one wheel with several number tracks. When you place a bet, it is placed on all the wheels at the same time. If for example, the game has three wheels and you place a CA$2 on odds, your bet will automatically be placed on each wheel resulting in a CA$6 bet. 

                                          While the action can be a lot quicker, unless your strategy is to always place the same bet, this might not be the right game for you. 

                                          Triple Bonus Spin

                                          This special game was originally developed by IGT and has a few of its own variations. This game has a number of added segments, including a special “bonus” slot. Land on this one and your bet will be held in place for the next three spins without having to place an additional bet. 

                                          Sadly, the other two additional slots are double and triple zeros. This isn’t much of a surprise though, as naturally the casino will want to compensate the house odds to make up for the bonus. 

                                          Marvel Roulette

                                          This fun twist on roulette is offered exclusively to Playtech casinos. There’s also a bonus segment in this one, labelled “Marvel”, place your bet on it and if you hit it, you’ll open a special slot game. It’s a Progressive Jackpot, so everyone who plays the game adds to it, giving you the possibility of a massive win.  The highest symbol is Spiderman, and he has the potential of paying you our 100x your original bet. 

                                          Live Casino Roulette

                                          When you enter a Live Casino you can play table games with real life croupiers. The rules stay the same, but it is much more interactive and exciting. The game is played on a physical roulette wheel and you can chat to the dealer and other players at the table.  

                                          Generally Live Casinos offer both European and American Roulette, but you’ll also find a few more variations including French Roulette, Double Ball Roulette and Speed Roulette. 

                                          Live Casinos also often enter into partnerships with specific casinos, giving you the chance to claim special bonuses. 

                                          Free Roulette vs Real Money Roulette

                                          When you play Roulette at a brick and mortar casino there is no choice but to play for real money. At quality online casinos there is no such restriction. You can play Roulette for fun without spending a cent. Also, the minimum bet at online casinos tend to be lower than those at physical casinos meaning you don’t have to break the bank to play. 

                                          Free Games

                                          You might be wondering – why would anyone choose to play roulette for free? There are actually several reasons. Firstly, if you play free online Roulette there is absolutely no risk. You can wager for high stakes and still not lose a penny. 

                                          Secondly, if you are new to Roulette playing for free gives you the opportunity to get the hang of the game. You can take your time to learn strategy and get a better understanding of the different Roulette bets. 

                                          Real money

                                          When you are ready to place a real money bet on Roulette there are plenty of online options available. In fact, there are probably too many options out there. That’s where we come in. We delve into all the many games offered at online casinos including table games like Blackjack and Roulette. 

                                          Come to us and we’ll help you choose the best online roulette games to play for real money. 

                                          Roulette strategy

                                          Roulette strategies

                                          Once in a life time you’ll find a player who can truly predict where the ball will land. But generally speaking, this won’t be your best strategy. 

                                          Strategy in Roulette comes down to how much and when you bet. Once the ball gets rolling there isn’t much you can do to ensure a win, so it’s all about betting. Whole books have been written about strategy, we’ll highlight a few just to give you an idea of your options. 

                                          The Martingale Strategy

                                          The theory is based on the idea that at some stage you are bound win. With this strategy every time you lose a bet, you double the next bet. That way when you eventually do win, you’ll at the very least break-even. Of course, this betting strategy is only viable if you have a fair amount of funds at your disposal. It also only works if the table has a very high maximum bet. 

                                          You can also try the Reverse Martingale Strategy.

                                          The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

                                          Based on the Fibonacci sequence where each number is a sum of the previous two numbers in the sequence. This strategy only works on even bets, but it is one of the safest strategies. 

                                          Stick with your initial bet, when you win you move onto the next number in the sequence, multiplying your initial bet by that amount. 

                                          If you lose a bet you start back at the beginning with your next bet, when you win you continue the sequence.

                                          The sequence is as follows; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and on. 

                                          The James Bond Bonus Betting Strategy

                                          This one is really specific and a fun one to try if you are limited on time. Obviously if your bet unit is high. It can be costly if you lose, but it’s also got a decent chance of guaranteeing a win. 

                                          You need to play this one on European or French Roulette. The idea is that you play each hand with 20 betting unit. You then place three bets on the same spin, 14 units on the numbers 19 to 36, 5 units on 13 to 18 and 1 unit on zero. 

                                          The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

                                          The D’Alembert strategy has a somewhat lower risk than other strategies, especially in terms of losing large amounts.  

                                          Again, this one needs you to place your bets on even money areas of the table. When a bet is lost you simply add one betting unit to your next wager. When you win you decrease your next bet by one unit. 

                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                          Is Online Roulette really random?

                                          Yes, like other online casino games, Roulette uses Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to ensure that every spin of the Roulette Wheel is truly random. RNGs are the best way for online casinos to ensure that games are completely fair.

                                          Can I play Roulette online for free?

                                          Yes. There are several ways to play free online Roulette. You can play it for fun in most casinos, although sometimes you might need to sign up for an account. If you have joined a new casino and play regularly, you also might receive a Casino Bonus that can be used on Roulette.

                                          Are the odds of online Roulette the same as live roulette?

                                          Yes, even though one is let’s say analogue and the other digital, the game play and odds are identical. Online casinos mimic the outcome of physical casinos via a random number generator. Every spin has the same chance of winning as the previous one and the house edge is factored in to mimic a physical casino.

                                          Why are there no Roulette games without a zero?

                                          Although this would be great, it’s really not in a casino’s interest to offer no zero Roulette as it entirely negates the house edge. Occasionally a Live Casino might offer this as a special one off to VIP customers. But is definitely not something you find often.

                                          Can I play Roulette on my mobile?

                                          You sure can. Generally speaking, if a casino game is available on desktop, you’ll be able to play it on your mobile. Recently most online casino games have actually been optimised for casino. So, if you want to play on the go, you won’t have any issues.


                                          Roulette has long been a fan favourite. Part of the fun comes from the number of bets available to play on a single spin. Add to that a possible 35 to 1 payout, and things really get exciting. Online casinos give the added benefit of more variety and being able to play from anywhere you find yourself. 

                                          Here at Bonus Ninja we take great pride in finding the very best online casinos offering the best Roulette games. If Roulette is your game, we’ll let you know where to play. Still not convinced? Why not check out our articles on keno and bingo?