“Play without delay!” This motto is at the core of the best Pay N Play casinos. It has quickly become an established trend in the online gambling industry, and it’s not surprising to us here at Bonusninja. Players value speed and ease of use. As players get to instantly verify their bank account and use an online casino without a long waiting period, Pay N Play ensures fast gameplay. Here is all this concept has to offer.

  • Fully Canadian-owned
  • Live dealer gaming options
  • Multi-faceted sports betting library
  • Super organized dashboard
  • Comprehensive help centre
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  • No wagering requirements
  • More than 2,800 casino games
  • Mobile-friendly website
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  • Over 1,600 of the best slots and table games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online Casino of the Year winner!
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  • Website: www.leovegas.com
  • Customer support: support@leovegas.com
  • Founded: 2012
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Danish Gambling Authority, Swedish Gambling Authority
  • Languages: English, Swedish, Finnish
  • Generous loyalty program
  • 600+ casino games
  • Numerous poker varieties
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  • Website: www.on.pokerstarscasino.ca
  • Founded: 2015
  • License: Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Swedish Gambling Authority, UK Gambling Commission
  • Languages: English
  • Over 1500 games
  • VIP Club with a Salon Privé for Elite Players
  • Fantastic mobile version
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    • Recommended by Bonusninja!
    • Super simple and easy to use
    • Great variety of games
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      • Over 3000 games!
      • David Hasselhoff as ambassador!
      • Good live casino
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        • User-friendly mobile interface
        • Game library of over 1000+ games
        • Amazing loyalty program
        • Excellent live casino
        • Over 1300 games
        • Fresh vibe
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          • Over 550 casino games
          • Five deposit bonuses
          • Mobile-friendly website
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          • Large variety of bonuses
          • 40+ megaways slots
          • Mobile casino apps
          • 550+ casino games
          • Excellent safety features
          • 15+ payment methods
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          • Over 500 games
          • 24/7 customer support
          • Cool Mega Wheel
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            • 24/7 customer support
            • Clear and easy to use
            • Great variety of games
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              • 550+ top-notch games
              • Live dealer gaming options
              • Multiple payment methods
              • 24/7 customer support centre
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              • Over 500 games
              • 24/7 customer support
              • Cool Mega Wheel


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                • 550+ casino games
                • Mobile-friendly
                • Great casino rewards program
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                • Progressive jackpots available
                • 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email
                • Over 1000+ games to choose from
                • Website: https://ca.unibet.com/
                • Customer support: info@unibet.com
                • Founded: 1997
                • License: Swedish Gambling Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission
                • Languages: English, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Danish
                • Good variety of deposit methods
                •  Stunning live casino
                • Awesome customer support
                • Website: https://ca.888casino.com/
                • Customer support: support@888.com
                • Founded: 1997
                • License: Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
                • Languages: English, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, German
                • Games selection of 800, from the best game providers
                • Multiple payment methods
                • Helpful customer service
                • Website: https://www.gate777.com/
                • Customer support: support@gate777.com
                • Founded: 2018
                • License: Malta Gaming Authority, Swedish Gambling Authority, UK Gambling Commission
                • Languages: English, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

                What is Pay N Play All About?

                • Powered by Trustly, Pay N Play is looking to shake up the online gaming industry.
                • Pay N Play provides a platform designed for casinos that shortens the registration and verification method.
                • You can make deposits directly from your bank and withdraw funds almost instantaneously.

                Few industries have managed to evolve with the speed and momentum of the online casino industry. In the last couple of years, players have noticed exceptional growth in both stakes available and a variety of services and games. Constant technological advances created solid opportunities for better gameplay. For both digital croupiers and real life players alike.

                Now, think about the last time you tried to use an online casino. What was the first thing that caught your attention? For most players, account verification is a time-consuming process. You need to provide an array of personal information to confirm your identity.

                That includes phone number, e-mail, address, age, name, and other documents that depend on local legislation. Although confirming your information is crucial, it can lose casinos plenty of potential players. That’s because the verification process is slow, outdated, and exhausting, especially for players who’ve done the same thing countless times before on various other websites.

                Online casinos with Pay N Play stand to revolutionize the industry and take player experience to the next level. All it takes for a new user to start playing is three clicks. The concept looks to solve this industry problem, and creates a solution for long verification processes. Ease-of-use is at the heart of PNP casinos.

                There are many different types of gamers, and they all want different things. Some prefer to have a casino membership with a customized user experience—others value ease and speed of use. Quality casino reviews can help you get practical insight into the best casinos available to you. Casinos that have teamed up with Trustly can enable both of these features.

                Through Trustly’s Pay N Play solution, customers get the fastest and easiest transactional funnel in the industry. Online casinos with Pay N Play caters to every player’s preference. Users get to circumvent the registration page and start playing almost instantly.

                Although it sounds like an outstanding payment option, Pay N Play is not yet available for Canadian players. At least for the time being. Canadian Pay N Play casinos have yet to become the go-to choice for users in the country. Yet we thought it was important to detail the platform.  Until it is globally available to us here in Canada, you can take a closer look at this model and how it works. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect- when it comes.

                How Does Pay N Play Work?

                • Trustly takes care of the registration process, providing players with quick access to the casino.
                • To join a PNP casino, you enter a deposit, select a country and bank and receive instant funding.
                • Both withdrawals and deposits are fast and convenient.

                As the new treasurer in town, Pay N Play aims at squashing players’ concerns about joining a new casino. With it, you can avoid jumping through hoops and start playing right away. Because of its convenience and efficiency, this platform achieved remarkable success in France, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, and Finland. It remains one of the most popular payment options throughout Europe.

                This is truly the kind of third party service casino players have been waiting for. When it hits the Canadian market, it could quickly gain the momentum it achieved in Europe.

                What is Pay N Play all about? The process is simple. You make a direct deposit to the casino from your bank account. The moment you issue the deposit, the bank relays your information and transfers it to the casino through Trustly. There is no need for you to fill out a tedious registration form as the platform ensures the information provided comes from a reputable source.

                Online casinos have historically needed a long registration process as regulations dictate providers to supply legal compliance. In order to do this, they had to procure correct customer information. The Pay N Play method bypasses these procedures yet still provides reliable customer information.

                As the information comes from the bank provider, users have already confirmed their information and are thus legally compliant. This is a win-win situation for both the gambling industry and players, and saves everyone time and money.

                When you make a deposit, the necessary information gets transferred to your casino of choice.

                While the method isn’t yet available in Canada, we at Bonusninja tried the registration process that’s currently in Sweden, Germany, and Finland. The most commonly recommended Pay N Play casinos are set up to accommodate the European market.

                Withdrawing your winnings is just as easy as depositing funds. You just enter the desired amount, the banking information, and withdraw. The exact same process is expected to be available for Canadian players.

                For now, the fastest paying online casinos make for a solid alternative. You can use eWallets to their full potential and obtain the fastest payouts. After all, speed matters, and players are looking to manage their withdrawal methods and obtain quick payouts. With fast-paying casinos, you can cash out with ease.

                The History of Pay N Play Method in Europe

                According to the latest reports, the PNP method wasn’t well-received when it was first rolled out. When the platform was introduced, many regulators weren’t on board with the whole idea. They struggled to understand how it would work.

                They also struggled to understand whether it would be reliable enough or easy to use for older players. Trustly ensured experts that the system could make the registration process go a lot smoother and that it was not as complex as it looked. To give you an idea of the history of Pay N Play in Europe, let’s take a look at the timeline.

                2008: Trustly Group Was Founded in Sweden, Stockholm

                Trustly created a seamless method to make payments online by relying on an existing banking login. The software acted as a mediator between websites and personal bank accounts. This open banking payment method supported 6,300 banks and over 525 million customers. It is now used by more than 8,000 merchants, including PayPal, eBay, and Alibaba.

                2009: Cryptocurrency Hit the Gambling Industry

                Back in 2009, cryptocurrency introduced itself to the world as a currency that was here to stay. Soon after, online casinos jumped onboard and started implementing crypto payment methods. The industry saw the potential of blockchain technology to create better services for online betting, including the casino sector and gambling. Crypto provided transparency, convenience, and efficiency in database transactions.

                Another reason why crypto became popular in the online casino industry was it allowed people who lost money to see where it all went. They also have access to see how much profit the website gained from their deposit and whether that website was reliable.

                As time went on, more casinos accelerated their crypto interests, designing their infrastructure and gameplay on blockchain payments. This tactic helped players build trust with the operators, allowing them to enjoy their games with ease. If you are looking to make deposits with this virtual currency, then having the most reliable bitcoin casino can help. It also has become a key strategy when trying to withdraw quick winnings.

                The cryptocurrency gambling scene has been active for a long time now. Regardless of the type of currency you use, you can still get an excellent gaming experience. When you use crypto, you can get quicker payments and less hassle.

                Your transactional record is safe and sound, using the blockchain verification technology. However, just like any other currency, its value can fluctuate. So, it is normal for it to have highs and lows, and players must watch the value of their crypto if they need access to gmabling funds. But, the speedy transactions and tax exemption make crypto a central feature for deposit withdrawal.

                2015: Introduction of Pay N Play Method

                Trustly introduced their inventive player verification and registration product. In 2016, global gaming flagships like Ninja Casino went live with the Pay N Play system. This created an excellent opportunity for players eager to try a different registration system. It added comfort and ease of access.

                The product was soon introduced across casinos in Finland, Germany, and Sweden. The market took a liking to the innovative idea and spread it across the industry. Although Canadian players are yet to reap the benefits, it is possible that the product may yet reach the Canadian market.

                Today: Exceptional Growth

                In November 2019, Trustly celebrated a massive milestone for the company after Pay N Play. They reached a staggering 100 live gaming brands. Countless players started using the Pay N Play system. Paired with reliable payment services and flawless registration flow, it is a great choice for many online gaming operators.

                According to a recent survey of 1,700 players in 9 different countries, companies must prioritize the speed of payments to establish brand loyalty. In fact, 94% of interviewed players stated they craved instant payments.

                Pay N Play caters to these needs. In the future, we believe that making the service available on a global scale can have a profound impact. It can bring exceptional growth and add new features and functionalities for the Canadian gaming industry.

                Meanwhile, casino games are evolving. Mobile casinos have quickly surpassed internet browsers and desktop applications. These add flexibility and portability to every casino game, making it a practical gaming option for those who want to play on the go. Our team at Bonusninja.com has compiled a list of the best mobile casinos in Canada, including some of the most recent bonuses and incentives they offer.

                What Advantages Does Pay N Play Have For Players and Operators?

                The biggest merit of online casinos with Pay N PLay is that you can enjoy online gambling from the comfort of your own home. When online casinos emerged back in the 90s, online payments were still in early stages of development. It was such a far-fetched idea that many operators failed to understand, or grasp the impact it could have on the industry as a whole.

                But, the growing demand of gambling from home pushed developers to create options that would help accommodate these demands. Real money online casinos have changed the gaming landscape. They brought forth practical user experiences that people quickly fell in love with.

                The concept of quick registration has been around for quite some time now. Even if it’s only available in a few European countries, millions of players around the world can’t wait to try it. That’s because the advantages that come with recommended Pay N Play casinos easily outweighs old registration methods.

                You don’t have to worry about filling out a ton of information just to use a new casino site. You can skip entering your address, phone, number, name, and anything else that takes up too much time. All you have to do is log in to your bank account through Trustly, and you are good to go.

                The system is based on your bank account. Therefore, you don’t have to register and compile a new account with a lot of information. Let’s take a look at the individual benefits this payment method has to offer.

                Boosts Acquisition

                Recommended Pay N Play casinos combine initial deposit steps with registration. This powerful tool can quickly take care of withdrawals and deposits thus amplifying conversion. It also provides players with improved ROI on their reactivation and acquisition spend.

                You can make substantially larger withdrawals as opposed to a casino with a manual registration process. So, if you get a jackpot at a place without mobile identification, you will do a set of withdrawals. Manual registration also will require you to send different documents.

                This makes the process very long and time-consuming. Pay N Play at a casino with mobile identification completes withdrawals much smoother. You can take out your winnings whenever you need. Your bank processes all your information, creating a very secure transaction.

                Builds Customer Loyalty

                European players love instant withdrawals. Ever since this method came out, there was a boost in new player retention. These rates were a lot higher compared to operators that didn’t use the Pay N Play system.

                For companies that launch or rebrand their services, this model can make for a worthwhile tactic to boost the client base. Trustly works closely with relevant authorities, industries, and banks to mitigate the use of their services. Which means all the information stored there is safe to use.

                When you pay with Trustly, they never store your information. They use the best encryption available on the market to keep your information safe and sound. They are a licensed payment institution supervised and authorized to provide such services.

                Since it has been in the market for a long time, European players are already used to its services. So, they rest well knowing that their information is in safe hands. The Pay N Play platform also built a substantial client base. They’ve established notable customer loyalty and may look to expand in different areas around the globe.

                Remains Compliant

                This payment method helps operators verify, identify, and assess the information of new players. So, when a player makes a deposit, the system helps the operators fulfil their ongoing and initial KYC requirements. This saves a lot of time and effort.

                Although a website can’t guarantee 100% safety, Trustly uses state-of-the-art security. Their encryption is constantly updated to ensure that both the player and operators keep their information from getting compromised.

                Amplifies Service Efficiency

                The most obvious benefit of this method is convenience. Quite like walking into a land-based casino, Pay n Play lets customers enter right away and start playing as long as they have access to cash. You would still have to choose a deposit amount and log in through Trustly. But, this is like showing your ID at the door to prove to the casino you are 18.

                With Pay N Play, withdrawing and depositing money is very easy. It is meant to give the industry a much-needed break so that players can get back to what really matters. And that’s enjoying their casino experience safely and comfortably.

                When a player decides to use a typical online casino, they will go through an extensive sign-up. Pay N Play skips these setbacks and focuses on safe convenience. It’s no wonder why so many Canadians are eager for the system to hit their market.

                If you are new to online casinos, then free online slots and games make for a great way to pass the time. When you play for free, you boost your skills and perfect your strategy. Playing online is fun and adds variety. Plus, you can still acquire some hefty bonuses with free in-game spins.

                What Does the Future Have in Store?

                • The best Pay N Play casinos are currently found in the Scandinavian markets, such as Norway, Denmark, and Germany.
                • Instead of having to go through the laborious process of creating an account, users can instantly verify their ID and use the casino’s services.
                • Although operators are doing their best to complete the KYC and ID process as soon as possible, they can’t compete with PNP. Its instantaneous process makes it stand out from all the rest.
                • PNP creates in-banner value, which means that operators can use advertisements to boost income.
                • There is great potential in PNP market growth, especially in the Canadian market.

                Many new casinos are popping up across Canada. According to the latest statistics, the global online gambling market is estimated to grow from $64.13 billion in 2020 to $72.02 by the end of 2021, with an average yearly growth rate of 12.3%.

                In the wake of COVID-19, companies and operators managed to adapt to the new norm. What caused restrictive containment created new opportunities for this industry’s growth. Since people had to spend most of their time stuck at home, the casino industry added various operational changes.

                With the growing interest in online casinos, it’s no wonder there is a variety of options available to the general public. The best new casinos in Canada offer a range of services tailored to the player’s needs. They provide countless bonuses, free spins, and first deposits, creating a favourable environment for new players.

                The online gambling industry creates revenue from remote gaming activities. They employ both mobile and desktop services to gamblers of all types. The market features online lotteries, sports betting, bingo, poker games, and more. Online gambling laws vary from country to country. In Canada, they vary from province to province.

                In the last few years, the popularity of online casinos went up by 70%. Canada is at the forefront of the industry’s growth. Despite the stringent laws that gave the business a rough start, online gambling has managed to leave an impact in the region.

                Canadian players are accepted at more than 100 casinos across the globe. That’s why they can enjoy all kinds of game variations, such as live casino games, slots, video poker, lotteries, blackjack, and more.

                Based on recent estimates, 65% of Canadian’s adult population will bet at an online casino in 2021. Also, 25% of the population plays a weekly lottery game. In fact, Canadian gambling is so popular that people have wagered more than $15 million on sports betting.

                As technology improved, the interest in online casino games skyrocketed. For Canadians, online gambling adds another layer of entertainment and functionality. It also makes people feel safe while enjoying an authentic casino experience.

                You can access every game or feature from the comfort of your home. You can even choose the preferred device to suit your needs. Joining an online casino saves Canadians money and time.

                Then, there are payout times and payment options. Before gamers commit hard-earned cash, they should know the ins and outs of every payment option that’s currently on the market. Legit online casinos provide secure, compatible, and convenient payment methods.

                The Pay N Play trend is one of these options. Currently, 29 countries offer this payment method to casino players. This features more than 100 casino brands. The majority of these services are available in the Nordics and mainland Europe.

                Its popularity creates stiff competition, experts say—both in terms of customer retention and attraction. When you get a general outlook, you can see just how effective Pay N Play can be. The instant access to casino services creates desirability and comfort.

                Since Trustly acts as an intermediary, many users feel confident when registering to a new casino.

                Pros of Online Gambling for Canadians

                • Quick to get used to for newcomers. Players who have no casino experience can quickly learn how to play with an online casino. They won’t feel intimidated by the numerous features and can take advantage of the user-friendly designs.
                • Time is Money. When you use an online casino, you don’t waste time on the road. Instead, you can access gaming services at any time. As long as you have a compatible device at your disposal, you can gamble anywhere.
                • Many varieties and gaming categories. When it comes to variety, nothing can beat an online casino. With access to a plethora of game varieties, people won’t get bored anytime soon. This makes the casino experience thrilling and a great way to pass the time.
                • Countless bonuses and opportunities at free play. Casinos are always looking to encourage new players to come and try their services. But, they also want to retain their current client base. That’s why they offer a number of bonuses and free play chances that won’t otherwise be available at land-based casinos.
                • Convenient socializing. You can use the chat rooms at an online casino to stay in touch with other Canadian players. You can play together, share your interests, and create worthwhile experiences.
                • Protection level at its best. A legit online casino will protect your information and focus on fair play. With a strong player base, casinos can ensure optimal services. This is why maintaining player security remains on the top of their list.

                Challenges of PNP Casinos

                The PNP method is not without its flaws, especially when it comes to operators collecting and storing player information through bonuses, marketing, and other incentives. Since the player doesn’t directly provide their email address or phone number, direct contact can be difficult to carry out.

                To make a personalized offer, the operators would do the extra work. PNP casinos can obtain the necessary information at a later date in a way that won’t affect the player experience in any way. This method is here to give you ultimate convenience, and focuses on earned trust.

                Another big setback is the limited availability. This method is available in some European countries and has yet to reach the Canadian market.

                Pay N Play FAQ

                When will Pay N Play come to Canada?

                There are no official reports yet on when this method will hit Canadian shores. This payment solution has gained a lot of attention from global operators so we hope Canadian players will get their hands on PNP features very soon.

                We also don’t know which Canadian banks will accept the new software. However as the demand increases so does the possibility that big financial institutions will take the leap.

                This change can be achieved by navigating regulatory frameworks and analyzing the system. PNP ensures a seamless verifying system for new players. Since the casino industry is constantly evolving, it will be easy for the industry to adapt to these changes.

                Every online casino also wants to be a couple of steps ahead of its competition. So, it makes sense for brands to adopt the PNP method. Overall, the global gambling industry has seen a lot of progress. Every feature or option available is designed to give the greatest player experience.

                In some aspects, PNP might be too advanced. Operators and regulators need to figure out how to use the new frameworks while keeping the players safe. But, with input on both sides, it’s easy to overcome these challenges.

                Casino operators and regulators can reach a solution to benefit from the Pay N Play system. This can be a stepping stone for successful growth. At a time when players have a variety of entertainment at their fingertips, convenient user experience becomes a key tactic.

                Pay N Pay increases engagement and provides instant access to the casino’s online services. When companies innovate, they show their real potential. For every Canadian online casino, this potential will only help them move up the ladder.

                How do I make a deposit with a Pay N Play casino?

                To use the PNP method with Trustly, the services must be available in your region. Currently, only a couple of countries have PNP casinos, and Canadians can’t yet use this method.

                When using a PNP casino, select the “play now” button.

                You will then be redirected to the brand’s homepage. Then, select “instant play.” You will gain direct access to the cashier PNP feature via Swish or Trustly. If you are a returning player, select “resume game.” This will help you get back to where you left off.

                Next, type in the amount you are trying to deposit. Check to see if the sum you selected is not below the minimum amount required, and choose a place of residence from the available list. In a separate window, select the logo of the bank you are currently using. The bank you select will help you make the payment.

                Type in the bank ID (password and username) to proceed with the deposit. Depending on the authorization method used by your bank, a player must validate every transaction. That means you will either get a notification on your phone, Google Authentication app, SMS, e-mail, or a phone call.

                And that’s about it! You now have access to games, and you can withdraw your winnings instantly. Every casino is AML and KYC compliant. This means you don’t have to worry about them using your personal information or compromising the safety of your account.

                The end result? No need to create an account or fill out forms. You don’t have to wait for the long verification process that conventional casinos use. Everything is just a couple of clicks away.

                How fast will a PNP casino execute my payouts?

                After you request a withdrawal, you should receive the payout in about 5 min. There could be some delay on the bank end. If that happens, you might have to wait for about 24h. If this continues to happen, contact your bank and ensure there is not a problem with verification.

                The winnings are automatically transferred to the exact same bank account you used to add a deposit. You don’t need to fill out any forms and the winnings are immediately processed.

                If the bank you use isn’t on the list by Trustly, you can’t make deposits or withdraw funds. So, make sure the bank you want to use is listed by Trustly.

                Can I get a welcome bonus with a Pay N Play casino?

                Yes, some online casinos with Pay N Play offer welcome bonuses. As this method becomes available, you may see lots of incentives by Canadian online gaming sites to use it. So, you will definitely have a chance at free plays, spins, special deals, or weekly cashback offers.

                What’s the next step for the PNP method?

                In-banner PNP can take the industry a step further, and there is much to gain with affiliate sites and banner advertising. Creating interactive ads build a client base and boosts brand awareness. These are all crucial factors for companies looking to topple their competition.

                Another thing we do believe is in the cards is expansion. Because a huge portion of the younger generation have taken a preference to the PNP method, Pay n Play will most likely continue to expand its services. Reaching a broader audience creates more demand, and will help the industry reach new heights.

                Final Thoughts

                With Pay N Play, players get to gamble without a long registration process. This cuts the time and effort it takes to start playing. Although not everyone was enthusiastic about Pay N Play when it first rolled out, the numbers now show it has huge potential.

                In seconds, players get to sign in to a new casino and start playing. They can collect their winnings and make instant deposits. One of the key aspects of PNP is that the deposit and registration process are merged into one. Just pick a bank, select the account you wish to use, and confirm your transfer. It’s as easy as that.

                Thanks to the simplicity of use, affordability, convenience, and safety, both older and younger users can make the most of this method. Even though the system is not yet available in Canada we here at Bonusninja think it has the potential to expand to our market.

                However, we can’t know for sure when it’s going to hit the Canadian market. Overall, this innovative solution is a great option, but like anything else it has its advantages and disadvantages. Now that you know exactly what to expect, you can look forward to the PNP getting introduced in your region.

                To find out more about Canadian online casinos, be sure to check us out at Bonusninja.com. We provide reviews, facts, and practical information that will answer all your queries.