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The online casino industry is evolving. Mobile casinos are quickly surpassing desktop applications and internet browsers as the primary way people engage in online gaming. The best mobile casinos provide all the thrill of online casino gaming with the added convenience of portability and flexibility. Having access to your favourite Canadian mobile casino has never been easier.

Here at Bonusninja, we seek out the best Canadian mobile casinos and ensure that our readers get the best advice and the best bonuses.

  • Fully Canadian-owned
  • Multi-faceted sports betting library
  • Super organised dashboard
    • No wagering requirements
    • More than 2,800 casino games
    • Mobile-friendly website
      • 2,000+ games
      • 80+ live casino games
      • 24/7 customer support
        • Fast payouts
        • 8,000+ games
        • 24/7 customer support
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          5. Amazon Slots
          • Cool Mega Reel function
          • Great promotions
          • Very fast payouts
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            6. Betano
            • Great offers!
            • Very good sportsbook and virtual sports
            • Helpful customer support
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              7. Videoslots
              • One of the best casinos
              • Huge amount of games
              • Fast money transfers
                • Vast game library
                • Mobile app
                • Sportsbook
                  • Interactive live dealer games
                  • Customizable gaming library
                  • 24/7 customer support
                    • Generous loyalty program
                    • 600+ casino games
                    • Numerous poker varieties
                      • 1,500+ games
                      • Mobile app
                      • 24/7 customer support
                        • 3,000+ games
                        • 24/7 customer support
                        • Mobile-friendly website
                        • Various payment methods
                          • 3,000+ games
                          • 24/7 customer support
                          • Mobile-friendly website
                          • Instant deposits and fast payouts
                            • User-friendly mobile interface
                            • Game library of over 1000+ games
                            • Amazing loyalty program
                              • 3,000+ casino games
                              • Innovative player campaigns
                              • Robust cybersecurity
                                • Over 550 casino games
                                • Five deposit bonuses
                                • Mobile-friendly website
                                  • Large variety of bonuses
                                  • 40+ megaways slots
                                  • Mobile casino apps
                                    • Over 400 casino games
                                    • Mobile-friendly
                                    • Excellent loaylty programme
                                      • 550+ casino games
                                      • Excellent safety features
                                      • 15+ payment methods
                                        • 550+ games
                                        • Mobile app
                                        • 24/7 customer support

                                          Mobile Casino Apps vs. Desktop

                                          The mobile app industry has come leaps and bounds in the last few years, with industries that want to stay on trend adapting quickly. With mobile users surpassing 30 million people in 2021, it is no surprise why companies are investing big money in ensuring their services are provided in mobile form.

                                          Like us, you may remember the days when even a desktop application was revolutionary. The ability to do something on the internet outside of a web browser was earth-shaking. Yet, we were still confined to having our computer and space and time to dedicate to the program. Using a browser-based program was terrific, but the desktop applications were next level.

                                          As the app industry hanued to explode, the lagging graphics of the “new apps” is a thing of the past, and now mobile casino apps offer some of the best UI experiences in the industry. The graphics are better; the gameplay is better, even the rewards and bonuses can be better.

                                          If you haven’t had the chance to play casino games with real money using the mobile version of your favourite online casino game, our advice for you is to not be too stuck in your ways and try it out at least once. You might be impressed at how much more enjoyable the experience can be.

                                          What Types of Mobile Devices Can Be Used?

                                          Most mobile casinos are designed for compatibility with Android and iOs devices. While many of our recommended mobile casinos in Canada are compatible with both types, some may only have one version out while they work on the other.

                                          Devices that run a Windows or Blackberry operating system share some compatibility, but as they represent a relatively small fraction of users, the mobile casino functionality can be lacking.

                                          We recommend using an Android or iOs device for the best Canadian mobile casino experience.

                                          How do I access Mobile Casinos?

                                          Accessing mobile casinos has never been easier. The best mobile casinos that offer a third-party app can be downloaded from the App Store (iOs) or the GooglePlay store.

                                          If your phone is unable to download the desired apps, or you have no interest in the third-party software, most mobile casinos have an enhanced mobile browser experience available from their standard URL. Just go to the casino URL in your device browser and enjoy a modified mobile experience.

                                          Accessing online casinos can be done through links and QR codes that are often placed on different gaming sites, emails or newsletters, or even on billboards, benches and bus stops (scannable QR codes).

                                          How Do I Choose the Best Mobile Casinos?

                                          There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing which of the above quality casinos to use.

                                          Compatibility: If you have an iOs device, don’t sign up for an Android-only mobile casino or vice-versa. Mobile casinos are often attached to their desktop versions, so make sure you read which devices can be used carefully.

                                          Customer Support: We always recommend gamers seek out online casinos with top-notch online support. Customer support instills a sense of trust and safety and enhances the experience. With mobile casinos, support should never be more than a click away.

                                          Reward and Bonuses: If the opportunity is there to get a great reward or cash in online casino bonuses, take it! After the due diligence is done (by you or us), don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Take advantage of some of the fantastic mobile-only casino offerings.

                                          App vs. Mobile Browser: Depending on your preferences and available storage space on your device, choose mobile casinos based on their application OR mobile browser design. The more user-friendly the design, the better the user experience.

                                          Benefits of Using Mobile Casinos

                                          Besides the benefits mentioned previously, there are some additional advantages to using a mobile casino the next time you want to place a bet.

                                          Designed to be User-Friendly

                                          It used to be the case that phone applications were glitchier, slower and less advanced than the desktop or browser apps of the same genre. However, as the consumer base moved heavily onto their phones and away from their computers, the technology adapted to stay on-trend.

                                          Nowadays, it is more likely that the mobile app will be even more accessible and user-friendly and enhance the user experience beyond what desktop apps can do.

                                          Furthermore, it’s better business to have online gamers using their phones. Phones are much more portable, meaning users can dedicate more time to their online hobbies.

                                          Phones also offer a much more intimate user experience, using touch screen technology and other software designed to make experiences more tactile and more efficient.

                                          Mobile games such as online slots offer a completely different experience using your fingers instead of a trackpad. Different types of games can be designed in portrait or landscape mode to enhance the experience.

                                          While online casino games never have the full effect of playing the games in real life, mobile casino technology is as close as it gets. 

                                          Game Selection

                                          With mobile casino design, finding, trialling and enjoying a wide selection of games have never been easier. When mobile casinos first started becoming available, games previously available on desktop apps and in-browser casinos had to be designed and modified to adhere to smartphone play.

                                          With the best Canadian mobile casinos now more developed, the selection of games has exceeded those found in many desktop options. Many new online casino games are specially designed with mobile play in mind.

                                          More and more, we are also starting to see live casino games being incorporated into the best mobile casinos offerings. These include a selection of live dealer games and even live stream roulette experiences.

                                          Those who prefer the live casino experience don’t think the mobile casino experiences limit you. 

                                          Payment Accessibility and Modes

                                          Smartphones are quickly becoming instantaneous online wallets. With applications and payment services that now streamline payment processes, withdrawals and deposits have never been easier. And while some may argue that safety is of concern with these payment services, security measures are being taken that far exceed those in desktop or browser applications.

                                          Due to the flexibility in the app’s design and the decreased limitations when it comes to coding, many of the best mobile casinos in Canada offer even better security than their in-browser counterparts. It’s harder to hack a system when the coding rules are less clear.

                                          Like some of the fastest paying online casinos, payment options of mobile casinos are constantly updated and tailored to the users. As many gamblers have cryptocurrency wallets on their smartphone, the opportunity to use bitcoin casinos or other altcoins for payment is developing rapidly.

                                          Other popular forms of Canadian online casino payment (Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and iDebit) are available through mobile platforms, which are often much more accessible.

                                          Promotional Offerings for Mobile Online Casinos

                                          As online casinos continue to embrace the mobile casino trend, they focus on moving as much of their clientele to mobile platforms. Because of this, there are plenty of “mobile-only” promotions, free spins and no deposit opportunities to take advantage of.

                                          These are particularly important when online casinos are trying to bolster their mobile casino usage, so make sure to cash in on the new casinos offerings sooner rather than later.

                                          Mobile Casino FAQs

                                          Are all mobile Casinos JUST mobile apps?

                                          No. A mobile casino describes a user experience that takes place using a mobile device. While many casinos are putting out specific applications to enhance user experience, there are also many gamers that play games through their browsers. These in-browser experiences are often optimized for mobile use.

                                          The benefits of using a specifically designed mobile app usually include a more user-friendly design, faster payment processing, and increased security.

                                          What mobile games are the best?

                                          While this question is entirely subjective, and every gamer will have different opinions, it is generally accepted that simple games are often most conducive to mobile play.

                                          Online slots, roulette and simple card games often have sleek and modern designs and offer an enhanced user experience. More complex table games are often harder to transpose to mobile casinos and sometimes provide a better experience on desktop.

                                          Are deposits necessary to use mobile casinos?

                                          No. Just like in-browser and desktop casinos, there are plenty of opportunities for new gamers to make use of free spins and no deposit play to try out new games and have some fun. Mobile casinos make it easy for new users to trial many different types of games so they can get a feel for the mobile gameplay and ease into the experience.

                                          Will I use a lot of data playing mobile casinos?

                                          This is a tricky question to answer and depends heavily on the size and processing speeds of the apps and the amount of graphics used in gameplay. Our best advice is to closely monitor your data usage when trialling a few games to avoid unwarranted data use.

                                          We can say for sure that the best mobile casinos in Canada are constantly updating their programs to ensure the best user experience. This means optimizing the design to minimize data usage. For Canadians who are often plagued by expensive data charges, this is always a key factor.

                                          Why can’t I find my favourite desktop app on the mobile casino version?

                                          Mobile casinos are newer, which means that some popular desktop casino games are not yet available in mobile casino versions. Many of the best mobile casinos in Canada are tirelessly working on updating their game libraries to give mobile users the entire casino experience.

                                          Our advice would be to notify the casino of the demand and hang tight for the mobile version to be released. Other mobile casinos might have a mobile version of the game you desire, so weigh some of the competition to see who has supplied the demand.

                                          What are the dangers of using mobile casinos?

                                          There is still a lingering sense of fear and distrust when it comes to mobile play, probably spurred on by recent privacy issues that involve smartphone data and third-party accessibility. While these issues are not specific just for mobile users, there is a heightened sense of nervousness.

                                          Many mobile casinos offer more security than desktop versions. This is partly due to the newer and more updated infrastructure and because standalone apps can be uniquely designed and harder for third parties to access.

                                          While we recommend our readers to do their research and not blindly trust everyone, the casinos we suggest above have built tremendous confidence with users.


                                          Mobile casinos are developing quickly and offering gamers uniquely enhanced experiences. If you are an avid online casino enthusiast and are wary of the mobile casino experience, we highly recommend you give it a try.

                                          While some more complex table games may still be more enjoyable as desktop versions, many tactile games (online slots, poker, blackjack, roulette) are easier and more enjoyable as mobile versions.

                                          Benefits of using mobile casinos include more streamlined payment processing, unique promotional offers, formidable game selection and designed user experiences. In some ways, the best Canadian mobile casinos take the online casino experience to the next level.

                                          As always, here at Bonusninja, we provide all the latest information and reviews on the best mobile casinos in Canada. We continue to use our industry-leading experience and detective work to keep our readers informed and find them the best casinos and bonuses. If we trust them, you can too.