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The world of online gambling is full of competition, and more and more sites open up everyday offering a wider variety of games. From new operators to experienced affiliates, there is a labyrinth of information that readers are expected to sift through to find the best deals and the most lucrative incentives. Here at Bonusninja, we do the work for you.

Our team of gaming experts weeds through the seemingly endless number of online casino options, and delivers you the best of the best. Our criteria is rigid, and we have no qualms removing online casinos who fail to adhere to local regulations or industry standards.

There are lots of criteria that can set online casinos apart from one another. Here we give insight into operators that provide the top online casinos with big payouts, tailored for our Canadian market.

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1. Videoslots
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        • Large variety of bonuses
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        • Mobile casino apps
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          • Various payment methods
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                  • 2,000+ games
                  • 80+ live casino games
                  • 24/7 customer support
                    • User-friendly mobile interface
                    • Game library of over 1000+ games
                    • Amazing loyalty program

                      What is a Casino Payout?

                      First of all let us be clear about what we are referring to when we say “casino payout”. Every game in a casino, whether it is an online casino or a land based casino on the strip, has a payout percentage. Simply put, this is the average percentage of “winnings” a player can expect when betting on a certain game.

                      For example, if an online slots game has a payout percentage of 95%, it means on average the player is expected to win $95 for every $100 they gamble. The higher the payout percentage, the safer the less risky the game for the player.

                      Payout percentage is often also confused with another common term, the RTP. RTP stands for the “percentage returned to player”, and can be used interchangeably with payout percentage.

                      Best Online Casino With Big Payouts: What are the best casinos for Canadian players?

                      There is no single “best” casino in Canada. The top rated sites on Bonusninja will be based on a variety of factors including the highest payout percentage, the fastest paying online casinos, the biggest bonuses, and the loyal customer rewards programs offered by each site.

                      For example, if you want to find out which Canadian online casino offers the best bonuses or highest quality services, then check our posts dedicated to that specific topic. If you’re looking for loyalty points and other special perks such as free spins or cash back in your account balance, we’ve got all this information covered too!

                      It really depends what kind of games you enjoy playing most – whether it’s real money games, table games like blackjack or roulette, all of these games hold specific payout percentages that can differ from operator to operator.

                      An online casino with big payouts for slots might not focus its incentives on poker or roulette. Start with narrowing your interests to sites that have solid payouts for your favourite games.

                      Payout Percentages and Odds

                      The payout odds percentages vary greatly from one casino to another, which is why it’s important that you find a site with games that have great payouts. Local legislation in some areas also has a say in what payout percentages can be offered.

                      At Bonus Ninja we provide up-to-date information on payout percentages for each online casino game – this way players can choose where they play based not only on bonus offers but also on their preferred games and how much fun they want to have when playing them.

                      If your main goal is to have fun and spend some free time gambling, a game with a high payout percentage will be the least amount of risk. As always, you should consider your gambling budget an “entertainment fee”, similar to going to the movies or playing a round of golf.

                      Online Payouts vs. Real Casino Payouts

                      The advantage that an online casino offers is that they are not limited in the number of games they can provide to their customers. Land-based casinos are obviously limited by floor space, and can’t have an unlimited number of slot machines or table games available. The online casino game variety can do a few things for the players.

                      • More variety allows players to remain engaged, play longer, and increase their payout percentage. With more games to choose from and a variety of payout percentages, players can mitigate their risks by switching from game to game
                      • Due to the number of games and the lack of cost that is involved in these games (in contrast to land-based casinos), payout percentages at online casinos tend to be higher on average.
                      • Online casinos have lower overhead costs, and also offer the opportunity for many players to be playing the same game at the same time. These factors contribute to higher payout percentages on the games.

                      With more and more live casino games becoming available, operators are bringing the land-based casino experience to mobile devices.

                      Overall Casino Percentages vs. Individual Game Percentages

                      One thing you may notice when investigating the top online casino with big payouts is differentiating the overall payout percentage vs. an individual game payout.

                      While overall casino percentages are important, they can often be used as a marketing tool. Before making a decision, it is crucial to look at the payout percentage for each individual game, especially the ones that you plan on wagering on.

                      Sometimes the overall payout percentage is not reflective of the individual game payouts.

                      For example, if a player were playing slots in an online casino with 95% payouts overall but one of the slot machines had only an 80% individual payout, then they could risk losing more where they expect to win.

                      If their entire play is on that one machine, the 95% average payout across all games and denominations at that online casino doesn’t matter. Players must take into consideration these factors when choosing where to play.

                      Let’s take a look at some of the games that offer the best online casino payouts. Note that the RTP (percentage returned to player) is taken as an average. Each online casino should have posted payout percentages for individual games.

                      • Slots: On average, slots offer a 93-98% payout with some individual slot games offering 99%+ payouts. With thousands of games available, the averages can be hard to find. For slots, we recommend looking at individual game payout percentages and keeping up to date on newly released games.
                      • Craps: On average, craps can see payout percentages just above 98%. This high payout makes craps a very popular online casino game.
                      • Blackjack: This fan favourite online casino game has a whopping RTP of 99% in most online casinos. Unlike land-based casinos that offer blackjack with 7+ decks, online casinos normally have 2 decks, decreasing the house advantage and increasing the payout percentage for the gamer.
                      • Video Poker: While video poker can be a little bit more skill demanding, the payout percentage for this game floats around 99.5%, with some variants going above 100%. Sounds crazy right? Unlike slots and other high payout games, video poker does take skill and practice, so it makes sense that the RTP would be higher for those willing to dedicate the time and energy to get an optimal ROI.

                      Loose Slots, Tight Slots, and Hit Frequencies

                      In addition to the best online casino payouts, players should also consider which online casinos have the loosest slots. A slot with a high payout percentage is termed a “loose slot”, while one with a low RTP is termed a “tight slot”.

                      Some machines might allow a higher payout percentage but return less in cash than others due to variance. These slots can often have a high hit frequency but pay less per win.

                      Games with a high hit frequency can be more fun, as players are likely to win more often. However, a high hit frequency does not necessarily mean a higher payout percentage. Even if the hit frequency is 25%, the winning amounts could be small, resulting in a low payout percentage.

                      Online casinos can have different “loose” or “tight” slot machine play than a land-based casino. At land-based casinos, it can be difficult if not impossible to predict beforehand how much you will actually win on average when playing. With online casinos, much of that information is provided through RTP, payout percentages and hit frequencies.

                      These are just some of the factors that must be taken into consideration by players looking for high-quality gambling entertainment with good chances of winning money while minimizing losses.

                      Casino Bonuses and Incentives

                      Online casinos with big payouts tend to offer enticing casino bonuses and great incentives for new players. Many reputable sites that make our recommended lists offer great incentives to welcome new players. Just be careful to ensure that the overall payouts are not the only thing you are paying attention to.

                      Don’t forget that if you’re going to be gambling your hard-earned money that there should always be a chance at winning back a high percentage of what you put in. Don’t settle for casinos offering huge welcome packages or sign-up deals with low payout percentages. Do some research (or let us do the research) into whether these sites are reputable and worth the time.

                      Keep an eye out for the arrival of Pay N Play casinos in Canada, and the bonuses that will come when this deposit method is in use.

                      Casino Payouts FAQs

                      Where do I find the best online casino payouts?

                      Our list here at Bonusninja is a good place to start. We only recommend Canadian casinos with high payouts and ensure that our customers deal with only reputable operators. We update our recommendations regularly and continue to monitor our partnerships to ensure they are remaining safe and credentialed.

                      How do I know that online casino payouts are high?

                      When determining high payout games, look for a 96% payout percentage or higher. We don’t recommend any games below 95%. The higher the RTP, the better the chance of winning back what you put in.

                      Are 100% payouts possible?

                      For the most part, there are very few (if any) 100% payout games listed. While 100%+ RTP can be possible with certain video poker games, these percentages take into account “optimal play” which means the player has to have a certain amount of skill to meet the requirements for this payout.

                      Here at Bonusninja we try to list casinos with 98-99% overall payouts, as well as high percentages for games like blackjack and baccarat.

                      What factors determine casino payout percentages?

                      The house edge is one of the main factors that determine online casino payouts. The lower this number, the higher your chances to win money at an online casino game or slot machine!

                      As the number of games offered by an operator increases, the house edge can decrease and still meet the desired margins. This is often the reason why online casino games can have higher payouts than land-based games.

                      How do I avoid scams while looking for high payouts?

                      BonusNinja works hard to ensure our customers deal only with reputable operators so you can play without fear of being scammed. We have a strict screening process in place when it comes to new sites joining us on our website – we don’t let just anyone join as partners.

                      We always recommend players do their own research when it comes to using an online casino. Beware of marketing tricks, outlandish incentives, and brand new sites. Read the reviews as well as the fine print.

                      What games tend to offer better returns on bets over others?

                      Slot machines and blackjack usually return more money when compared to other games such as roulette. One exception is baccarat which can be slightly favourable if played correctly. Video poker can have a great payout percentage but requires a certain amount of skill and experience. We recommend that you play multiple hands at once to reduce losses.

                      How do I make high payouts work for me?

                      The best advice is not to be discouraged and to continue playing to ensure you maximize the payout percentage. The key is patience- as well as luck – but when you have the right strategy for each game, the numbers will add up.

                      Stick with your budget and be patient. Don’t chase losses, but don’t be afraid of a few losses here and there. After all, it’s all part of the entertainment process.

                      Are payout percentages monitored and checked?

                      A reputable online operator is expected to comply with local regulations and licensing. For some operators, this means they have to have their payout percentages checked and monitored by third-party companies and commissions that ensure they are following regulations.


                      There are lots of casinos out there that offer big payouts, but you have to know where to look for them. Here at Bonusninja, we give our readers a great list to start with. All listed recommended casinos adhere to our strict standards and provide safe and secure venues for players to enjoy their gambling experience.

                      We will continue to provide updated information on the best online casino payouts offered by Canadian online casinos. Users are encouraged to leave reviews, which help us to determine which online casino payouts are updated and maintained.