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March 5, 2024

Gambler’s Handbook—The Complete Online Casino FAQ

Not sure how to pick the best online casino? Don’t know which payment methods suit you the most and which gambling laws apply to you? This extensive FAQ section contains all the information you need to start enjoying online casino games in a fun and secure environment. This guide covers:

  • Essentials—The basics of how online casinos operate and general tips for new players
  • Legal issues—Questions about the legality of online gambling and casino disputes
  • Top lists—Our selection of high-quality online casinos based on various criteria 
  • Payment methods—Explanations of different banking options in Canadian online casinos


What Is the Best Guide to Online Casinos?

Check our online casino guide for beginners—it provides all the info you need to safely have fun at online casinos, from different gaming strategies to relevant gambling regulations. 

Can You Cheat Online Casinos?

Most products advertised as online casino cheat software are fake at best and malware at worst. Altering the odds in an online casino game is almost impossible because iGaming venues are some of the most secure websites. 

Even if you bypass their security measures, online casinos can detect fraudulent activity, ban you, and withhold any winnings gained through an unfair advantage. 

What Is the Smartest Way To Bet at Online Casinos?

There’s no way to ensure victory in a luck-based game, but many casino activities also involve skill. To increase your odds of winning, learn about the rules and strategies of your favourite games. Take advantage of any ongoing casino campaign to increase your leverage. 

To learn more, follow our online casino tips on playing safely while maximizing your chances of success. 

Is It Possible To Win at an Online Casino?

There’s no way to ensure you’ll win at online casinos every time you play. The best you can do is increase your odds by playing at reputable venues, claiming casino campaigns, and learning expert-level strategies for blackjack, poker, and other skill-based casino games. 

What Is the Biggest Online Casino Win Ever?

The biggest online casino win ever was a $23-million jackpot on the Absolootely Mad Mega Moolah. To learn more about the luckiest online casino winners, check out our in-depth guide to the largest recorded winnings at renowned iGaming venues! 

Who Operates Online Casinos?

Online casinos are run by casino operators—companies licensed to legally provide iGaming services. In Canada, each province regulates local operators and the conditions they must fulfill to obtain a license. To learn more about how online gambling and sports betting work, check out our detailed guide

How To Play Online Casino Games

Before enjoying online casino games, you need to register an account with a reputable online casino. After that, you’ll be able to access their game portfolio from a browser or download their app to your device. 

To play online casino games safely, you must first choose a reliable online venue. The article we’ve prepared on this topic will help you learn more about picking the best casino

Is There a Lot of Cheating in Online Casinos?

It’s virtually impossible to cheat an online casino as a player. Even if you had software capable of cracking the casino’s anti-cheating measures, the casino would still detect the unfair odds and confiscate your winnings. 

Trustworthy online casinos don’t cheat their players either, which is why it’s important to choose a reliable venue. To learn more about the dangers of cheating in online casinos, read our detailed guide

What Is the Difference Between Online Gambling and Traditional Gambling?

When comparing an online casino vs. a real casino, you’re actually comparing convenience vs. atmosphere. Even the best online venues struggle to replicate the glitz and glamour of a physical casino floor. 

Ease of access is the main advantage of online casinos. They allow you to play casino games on a computer or smartphone. The typical online casino also has a far larger game portfolio compared to a brick-and-mortar establishment, with thousands of slots and other activities. 

How Do You Decide What Online Casino To Play At?

Your main deciding factor should be the casino’s legality and reputation. Only play at venues licensed by the relevant gaming authorities and have a history of timely payouts. We have a detailed article on how to choose an online casino, which you can check out for more detailed advice. 

What Does Playthrough Money Mean in Online Gambling?

Most casinos impose wagering requirements that players must fulfill before withdrawing winnings from a casino campaign. These requirements consist of a certain number of playthroughs—an amount of real money you have to spend before withdrawing winnings made with casino money bets. 

For instance, a wagering requirement of 5x playthroughs for $100 in casino money means you must play through $500 before requesting a withdrawal. Playthrough counts are more complex in practice, but our dedicated guide can help you understand what a playthrough means and how it’s calculated. 

Does Anyone Make Money on Online Gambling?

Yes, plenty of people win huge sums while playing online. It’s still important to note that multi-million jackpots don’t happen every day and that no technique can guarantee you’ll make money while gambling online

How Much Are You Taxed on Online Gambling?

In Canada, the government doesn’t tax the gambling winnings of recreational gamblers. Professional gamblers must report their winnings as income and pay an appropriate amount in taxes. If you have additional doubts regarding how online gambling winnings are taxed, check out our expert guide for more details. 

What Are the Best Online Betting Tips?

There are plenty of strategies for individual casino games, but the two most important online betting tips are:

  1. Only bet with money you can afford to lose
  2. Always play at licensed, legitimate casinos

What Is the Best Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos?

If you’re only starting your gaming journey, check out our online casino guide for beginners to learn the ropes quickly. 

How Much Trouble Can You Get In for Online Gambling?

The consequences depend on your location and type of the offence. To find out what happens if you get caught online gambling in Canada, explore our in-depth guide. 

How Do You Know if an Online Casino Is Legit?

Properly regulated online casinos possess licenses issued by a reputable gaming authority. To figure out if an online casino is legitimate, you should also check player comments and reviews before depositing money. 

How To Dispute Online Gambling Charges

Start by contacting the casino’s customer support. If they’re unwilling to issue a refund, you can dispute the online gambling charges with your bank—provided you’ve used a credit card for the deposit. It is a challenging process which can take time. You can contact the relevant authorities in case the dispute is not resolved with the casino. 

What Is the Best Time To Play at Online Casinos?

While many punters insist that there is the best time to play at online casinos, the time of day or year won’t affect your winnings—they’re decided by random number generators (RNGs). If you’re playing a skill-based game like poker or blackjack, choose a time when you have enough energy and concentration to be at your best. 

Why Is Online Gambling Good?

Online gambling allows you to enjoy your favourite casino games whenever and wherever via your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. For more details on the merits and demerits of online gambling, read our extensive article on the topic. 

Do Online Casinos Ban Winners?

Respectable online casinos won’t ban you for winning. They only ban players suspected of cheating. Fraudulent venues sometimes scam players by closing their accounts after a big win to avoid paying out. 

What Does a Wager Mean in Gambling?

An online casino wager is a synonym for a bet—a certain amount of money you stake on the outcome of an event. 

What Online Casinos in Canada Have No Wagering Requirements?

Some online casinos forgo wagering requirements to attract players with faster payouts. Take a look at our list of online casinos in Canada with no wagering requirements.

What Is the Best Online Casino With No Wagering Requirements?

In Canada, PlayOJO is one of the most popular casinos with no wagering requirements. Refer to our guide to no-wager online casinos for a few more alternatives. 

How Are Online Casinos Regulated?

In Canada, both the federal and provincial governments regulate online gambling at different levels.

What Are Online Gambling Regulations in Canada?

The Criminal Code is the most important federal gambling law in Canada, but provincial governments pass individual laws in their jurisdictions and enforce specific rules and regulations through government-run regulatory bodies.

Is Online Gambling Prohibited by Law?

Canadian federal law forbids citizens from organizing and running casinos, but with an important loophole—provinces can enact individual gambling laws that regulate the practice in their jurisdictions. Ontario is the most liberal Canadian province in terms of online gambling. 

What Are the Online Gambling Rules in Ontario?

According to Ontario gambling laws, playing at any online casino is legal if you’re 19 or older. Every local online casino that serves Canadian players must register with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and obtain a license from its subsidiary, iGaming Ontario. 

Are Gambling Laws in Quebec Restrictive?

Quebec’s gambling laws are liberal compared to most other Canadian provinces. While the state-owned Loto-Québec is the only legal casino operator in Quebec, locals are free to play in any off-shore online venue. The Quebec-based Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) issues licenses to reputable online casinos that aren’t based in Canada. 

How Do I Report an Online Casino?

Your first option is to get in touch with the casino’s customer support, whose contact information is usually available on the casino website. Failing that, you can report an online casino to its regulator—the government agency that issued the establishment’s gaming license. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play at an Online Casino?

Once you turn 19, you can legally place wagers at any online casino. Explore our article for more details on age limits for online gambling

Top Lists

What Is the Best Online Casino in Canada?

While there are many worthwhile options, here are our top picks for the best online casino in Canada. 

What Are the Best Microgaming Online Slot Sites?

Since Microgaming is one of the most popular iGaming developers, their titles are featured on many casino websites. Check out our favourites among the best Microgaming online casinos here! 

Which Online Gambling Site Is the Best?

Singling out one online casino as the clear winner would be difficult, but take a look at our list of the best online gambling sites in Canada to help you choose where to play.

What Are the Best Online Casinos?

Top-ranked online gambling sites provide ease of use, an impressive variety of games, and secure and fast payouts. Take a look at our list of some of the best online casinos that check all those boxes.

Where Can I Play Online Slots in Canada?

Most online casinos allow you to play online slots. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the best casinos for slots in Canada, according to our research. 

What Is the Best Online Casino in Canada on Reddit?

Some Canada-based Redditors have mentioned BetMGM as their favourite. If you want to learn about more of the best online casinos in Canada on Reddit, we’ve compiled some of the top suggestions from that platform into an in-depth guide. 

What Is the Best-Paying Online Casino?

Plenty of respectable online casinos provide fast and easy payouts. We’ve compiled a guide to the best online casino payouts here to help you select the establishments with the quickest withdrawals. 

What Are the Best-Paying Canadian Online Casinos?

The best-paying online casinos in Canada are the ones with high return-to-player rates (RTP). These rates show the percentage of all wagers that are returned to players as winnings. 

Payment Methods

What Are the Best Visa Casinos in Canada?

Almost every online casino facilitates payments via Visa, so choosing one isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve compiled a concise guide to the top Visa casinos in Canada. Many iGaming establishments also support deposits via Visa prepaid cards. Here’s our list of the top 10 casinos that accept prepaid Visa cards

Are There Any Visa Gambling Restrictions?

Most respectable online casinos support Visa as a deposit and withdrawal method. Learn about specific casinos that don’t have Visa online gambling restrictions here. 

What Are the Credit Card Gambling Restrictions in Canada?

While most online casinos don’t have credit card gambling restrictions, some banks and card networks prohibit gambling transactions or impose an additional fee on them. Visit our guide to learn which Canadian banks don’t restrict gambling. 

How Do Online Casinos Pay Out?

Scored a huge win and wondering how online casinos pay you? Most reputable sites support a wide range of withdrawal methods, but you can explore our comprehensive guide to learn about the safest and fastest ones. 

Am I Allowed To Receive Online Gambling Payments in Canada?

Receiving online gambling payments is legal in Canada, but some banks restrict payments to only local online casinos. Our article provides more info on which banks allow transactions from international gaming websites. 

What Are the Most Popular Payment Methods for Online Casinos?

Bank transfers, credit cards, and eWallets are the most popular online casino payment methods. Check out our article for suggestions on reliable casinos with safe banking options. 

What Online Casinos Accept Mastercard?

Mastercard is almost as popular as Visa in online gaming and beyond. There are potential benefits but also limitations of using it at virtual casinos. Here are our top picks among the best Mastercard casinos in Canada. 

Are There Any Mastercard Gambling Restrictions?

Most online casinos don’t have any Mastercard gambling restrictions. Check out our article to find out which licensed and reputable casinos support Mastercard payments.

How Can I Gamble With Google Pay in Canada?

Online casinos that support Google Pay are rare in Canada because this digital payment service only became available here in 2017, six years after its rollout in other countries. Here’s a list of the best Google Pay casinos and establishments that support alternative eWallets. 

What Are the Best iDebit Online Casinos in Canada?

iDebit is a popular deposit method among Canadian punters. Here’s our list of the top iDebit online casinos in Canada

What Are the Best Gambling Sites That Accept Credit Cards?

Nearly all online gaming venues accept credit card payments, but we’ve researched the most reputable credit card casinos to help you find the best one for you. 

What Are the Best Casinos That Accept Bank Transfers?

Numerous online casinos accept wire transfers as a withdrawal and deposit method, but some establishments impose additional fees on such transactions. Read our article on the top instant bank transfer casinos to learn which establishments make it easy to withdraw money this way. 

Can I Use Canadian Credit Cards for Online Gambling?

While both major credit card networks (Visa and Mastercard) allow gambling transactions, the bank that issues your credit card might impose specific restrictions. To find out which Canadian credit cards won’t allow online casino transactions, check out our in-depth guide regarding this issue. 

What Casino Apps Pay Real Cash?

Popular casinos usually maintain dedicated mobile apps that allow you to play your favourite games on the go. Here’s our list of the top 10 casino apps that pay real cash

How Do You Pay for Online Gambling?

When you sign up for an online casino account, you gain access to a casino balance where you deposit money before placing wagers. To learn more about the different online casino deposit methods, read our extensive expert guide. 

What Online Casinos Accept Amex?

Almost none of the popular Canadian online casinos allow deposits and withdrawals with an American Express card—Mastercard and Visa are far more widespread. Consult our guide to learn what online casinos accept American Express and what the alternatives are. 

What Online Casino Pays Out the Fastest?

Withdrawal times depend more on your chosen payment method than the casino itself, but some online establishments pay out faster than others. Delve into our guide to learn what online casino has the fastest payouts.

Should I Chargeback an Online Casino?

Only chargeback an online casino with a legitimate reason—online casinos and banks sometimes sue customers over costly illegal chargebacks. If you want to learn how to get money back from an online casino in other ways, dive into our detailed guide. 

How Does an Online Casino Pay You?

Legal and licensed online casinos usually provide a decent variety of payment methods. Once you request a withdrawal and choose how to receive your winnings, the casino will confirm your identity, check your account for signs of cheating, and process the request if everything is in order. 

How To Cash a Check From an Online Gambling Site

Few modern online casinos will mail you a paper check with your winnings, but many of them support eChecks. In most banks, you can cash these checks via your mobile banking app. For more details on how to cash online gambling checks, browse our guide. 

How To Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Some online casinos let you fund your casino balance by connecting it to a crypto wallet, but they’re almost non-existent in Canada. All licensed casinos are required to run Know Your Customer (KYC) background checks, which clashes with Bitcoin’s inherent anonymity policies. 

Our detailed guide will present secure alternatives to buying Bitcoin for online betting

Can Banks Block Gambling Transactions?

Sometimes, banks block gambling transactions due to regulations and risk management concerns. Delve into our in-depth article to find out which Canadian banks don’t allow transactions to and from online casinos. 

Can I Use My Capital One Mastercard To Make a Deposit in an Online Casino?

Unfortunately, no—Capital One prohibits online gambling

What Online Casino Accepts Cash App?

Online casinos in Canada don’t support Cash App because the platform isn’t yet available in the country. The most popular local alternative is Interac e-Transfer, available in many Canadian online gaming establishments. Discover other convenient payment systems and the casinos that support them in our expert guide. 

What Online Casinos Accept Google Pay?

The majority of iGaming websites in Canada don’t support online casino deposits with Google Pay. The most viable alternatives are eWallets like Neteller, Skrill, and Apple Pay. Check out our guide to learn about reputable casinos that accept deposits via these methods. 

What Are the Best Casinos That Accept Bank Account Payments in Canada?

While most online casinos don’t accept physical bank cheques, almost all of them support bank transfers as a deposit method. Our in-depth article on the topic provides a list of the best online casinos that accept bank account transfers. 

Can Pre-Payment Cards Be Used for Online Gambling?

Plenty of online casinos accept deposits via various prepaid cards, but prepaid Visa cards remain one of the most popular solutions. Take a look at our guide to learn which casinos support them as a deposit method. 

Are There Any Betting Sites That Take Maestro?

Although it’s not the most popular payment method at online casinos in Canada, there are a few betting sites that accept Maestro debit cards. Our article examines the top four iGaming establishments with Maestro support. 

Can You Deposit at Online Casinos With Skrill?

Skrill is one of the most popular payment methods in casinos worldwide, and Canada is no exception. Take a look at our guide to the best online casinos that take Skrill to select the best possible venue. 

Where To Bet on Sports With Skrill

Our list of the top Skrill betting sites provides plenty of options for sports betting—Unibet is one of the more popular choices among Canadians. 

Can You Pay by Mobile in an Online Casino?

Unfortunately, pay-with-phone casinos aren’t available in Canada yet—though most casino apps let you make credit card deposits from their mobile apps. 

How To Collect Winnings From an Online Casino

While the exact process of cashing out differs across casinos, most establishments let you choose a payment method and withdrawal amount from a Banking (or similarly named) section on the website. To learn more about withdrawing money from an online casino, consult our expert guide. 

What To Do if an Online Casino Won’t Pay

Start by complaining to their customer support. If an online casino doesn’t pay in a timely manner after your complaint, report the venue to the regulatory body that issued its gaming license. The final option is suing the casino, but bear in mind most casino user agreements stipulate that all disagreements are settled in arbitrage. 

What Are the Top Rapid Transfer Casinos?

Casumo and Royal Vegas are some of the reputable online casinos with Canadian licenses that support Rapid Transfer. To learn about the other best Rapid Transfer online casinos, consult our detailed article on the topic. 

Do Canadian Online Casinos Support Pay N Play Betting?

Pay N Play isn’t available in Canadian casinos yet, but there are numerous viable alternatives. Explore our guide to Pay N Play casinos for the specifics. 

What Are the Top Skrill and Neteller Online Casinos?

Both payment methods are associated with Paysafe, along with the prepaid Paysafecards. To help you choose an online casino that uses Paysafe or Neteller, we’ve created a detailed review of our top choices. 

How Much Money Can You Win at a Casino Before You Have To Pay Taxes?

Canada, unlike the United States, doesn’t consider the amount of money you’ve won at a casino when determining taxation. You don’t have to pay taxes on gambling winnings as long as you’re not a professional gambler whose winnings are taxed as business income. 

Is Online Gambling Without a Credit Card Possible?

Yes—plenty of other payment methods are available at most legit online casinos. Debit cards are the most similar option, which is why we’ve put together a thorough guide of nearly all online casinos that accept debit payments.

Can You Pay With eChecks at an Online Casino?

Yes, there are numerous online casinos that accept eCheck payments

Can You Gamble With Apple Pay?

Yes, and here is a list of reputable betting sites that accept Apple Pay.

Which Banks Allow Online Gambling?

In Canada, TD, RBC, and Scotiabank sometimes block gambling transactions. Check out our detailed guide for a list of banks that allow online gambling in Canada.

Which Online Casinos Accept PayPal?

Canadian casinos technically can’t accept PayPal as a deposit method due to regulatory concerns. However, off-shore casinos that serve Canadian players don’t have such limitations, which is why you can find plenty of online casinos that accept PayPal

Is Disputing Credit Card Charges for Online Gambling Possible?

Yes, but only if the charges were unauthorized or fraudulent. Your credit card issuer will thoroughly investigate your complaint, and the bank will refund the gambling charges in that case. Unfortunately, even legitimate chargeback claims can be difficult to prove. 

Are There Any Casino Games That Pay Cash?

Almost all casino games can pay real money, provided you make real money wagers. Before your first deposit, some online casinos will let you play a “demo” version of their software with virtual money. 

What Casino Apps Pay Real Money With No Deposit?

Unfortunately, free casino games that pay real money are scarce. You won’t find many games that let you withdraw cash without making a deposit first and fulfilling predetermined playthrough requirements.

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