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The Canadian casino industry, valued at over C$30 billion annually, features both high-stakes and free online games. Bonus Ninja provides a in-depth guide to enjoying these free games online.

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Best Free Games Casinos for Ontario Canada

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Casino guides

To brush up on your casino knowledge before visiting an online casino, explore our detailed casino guides.

Why play casino games for free?

Here at Bonus Ninja we have done our best to find all the best casinos that offer the options to play for free. There are plenty of quality casinos that offer play for fun options, free spins and free bets. You might be curious… for what reasons would a player choose to play for free? There are several reasons:


No risk

Playing free casino games eliminates the risk of losing money, offering both fun and a chance to win real or fictional money without financial risk.


Find the perfect game

With countless new casino games released monthly, it’s costly to play them all. Free play lets you try games before buying, offering the chance to discover new favorites and explore all game features, including bonus rounds, without spending money.



Protect your privacy

Players sometimes hesitate to sign up for casinos due to concerns about personal data security. Many opt to play games for fun, avoiding the need to provide personal information. However, reputable casinos ensure data protection, a topic frequently covered at Bonus Ninja.



Perfect your strategy

Playing games for free lets you save money, protect your privacy, and find your ideal game. It’s especially useful for table games like blackjack and roulette, where mastering strategy is crucial. Free play allows you to learn the rules and hone your skills using demo versions without spending money.



Play online games for fun

Playing free casino games is easy, with many available slots and other games except for Live Dealer and most Progressive Jackpots. Almost every casino game offers a free play option.


Free Slots

Probably the most widely available game available for free play are slots. You can play free slots in a number of ways. Firstly, you can play the demo version of most slots. Some are available to play right on the home page of some casinos. At other casinos you might need to sign-up for a casino and log-in.

The next option is if you are rewarded free spins. These can come as a bonus from signing up for a casino, or perhaps as a special bonus from the casino. 

Finally, you can be rewarded with in-game free spins. We’ll discuss all of these options in a little more detail below.   

Progressive jackpots

It’s quite rare that you’ll be able to find a progressive jackpot to play for free. The reason for this is that progressive jackpots function on a network of players, spread across a number casinos.

All real money bets are added to the Progressive Jackpot. This jackpot can be randomly triggered at any time. This is the reason jackpots can reach the multi-million-dollar mark. 

Using the complex network makes it much tricker to allow for free play. In the rare occasions you do find a casino that offers free games on a progressive jackpot, remember that if you were to hit a jackpot, it would be purely fictional. What a bummer! 

Table games

It’s a great idea to try the demo version of table games when you are playing them for the first time, it gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the games and learn the rules. Games that you can play for free include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. 

Another option for playing these games for free is if you are given a bonus. These can be rewarded as part of a casino promotion. Promotions can run weekly, monthly or for special occasions such as Christmas. When you start climbing the VIP ladder in a casino you’ll also start to qualify for special bonuses. 

We should note that although Live Dealer doesn’t strictly fall under table games, they are related, as the same games are included. Most notably Blackjack and Roulette. However, because of the cost implications involved you will never find a free game option for Live Casino. Slots, table games and video poker, all involve an initial cost for development, but after than they can be played by customers at no further cost to the developer. A Live Casino carries continuing costs including studio time, cameramen, croupiers, and casino equipment. 

Video Poker

Video Poker offers a nice balance between slots and table games. Combining the speed of slots with the strategy of table games. You can try it for yourself for free by playing the demo version of Video Poker.

Occasionally casinos will also offer a special bonus for customers to use on Video Poker. Just like Blackjack and Roulette specific bonuses like these are rare. Want to know why? It’s because the Return to Player (RTP) on these games is fairly high, and so pose a higher risk to the casino. 

Usually when a casino does offer these bonuses to customers it is to their VIP as the risk becomes more negligible.  

Other games

There are a few more games that are available to play for free. These can be played either in the demo version or can be rewarded as a bonus by the casino. Examples of these games are Keno and Bingo. 

Did you know?

Free casino games allow players to experience real casino gameplay without any financial risk, making them a popular choice for learning game rules and strategies.

Free Slots Casinos

Improvement of technology have led to players being able to play casino games pretty much everywhere. This means that casinos have become an everyday part of players’ lives. This generally involves a fair amount of cost until you get lucky. Or you can try any of the free games we’ve mentioned above for free. 

And there is no game more popular than free online slots. The next question you might ask is… How to find the right casino to play slots for free?

There are a few tips in general that you can follow for finding a great casino:

Read our reviews

All of us at Bonus Ninja strive to write fair and detailed reviews of both new casinos and old casinos. You’ll find plenty of reviews right here to help you choose the best casino for you. In each review we’ll include details on whether or not a casino offers games for free in some format or another.


If you want to ensure not only the safety and security of your private and financial information, but also the fairness of games, you’ll want to find a regulated casino. Casino licences are only given to casinos that meet certain criteria. Regulated casinos also need to be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure all their games are truly random. 

Game selection

Different casinos offer different types of games. Some casinos decide to focus their energies on one type of game. For example, a casino might have a speciality in slots. Chances are at this sort of casino you’ll also be given the opportunity to play free slots. 

Ideally you want to look for casinos that offer your favourite type of game. For example, if you are really into Live Casino games you might want to look for a casino that offers games from Evolution Gaming. Just keep in mind, these games aren’t usually offered for free. 

Speaking of game developers, this is another way to choose the right casino for you. Different casinos, partner with different game studios. The more you play, the more you may realise that a few of your favourite games might all come from the same developer. For example, you might have a liking for games by NetEnt, Elk Studio or Yggdrasil. 

Best free slots games

At this point you may be asking yourself. So, what are the best free online slots? The answer is probably the same as your usual favourite slot. Almost every classic and video slot has a demo version. 

That also means that you don’t have any rush to find your favourite slots. Playing free slot games gives you the opportunity to try out as many slots as you want before spending or depositing a cent. 

With thousands of available slots, it may be a bit tricky to choose you favourite. So, how do you pick? Here are our suggestions to get you started. 

Top free game casinos right now

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  • Mobile Casino apps
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Game type

Slot games come in all shapes and sizes. With the exceptions of Progressive Jackpots, almost every game type is available to play for free. 

What are the differences?

  • 3×3 reel classic slots: Often known as classic or Vegas style slots. These are the traditional fruit slots. Simple and easy to play. Symbols usually include a variety of fruit icons, bars, a cash symbol and such. 
  • 5×3 reel video slots: With added reels, video slots have better graphics and varied symbols. Sometimes video slots include Free Spins rounds, bonus games and fun story lines. 
  • Megaways slots: These are one of the newer versions of slots. Megaways offer a bigger playing board, giving you multiple more ways to win. 
  • Progressive slots: These aren’t usually offered to play for free. If you do play Progressive Slots every dollar bet will end up in the pot for the jackpot. The same applies to all other players playing the same slot. This jackpot is shared over multiple networks and casinos. Often Progressive Jackpots can reach the multi-million-dollar range. 
  • Slingos: Another innovative slot. Slingos combine slots and bingo. Instead of just playing one spin you get a bingo card and then have multiple spins to get to bingo. Just like Video Slots, recent Slingos also offer bonus games and Free Spins. 

Favourite developers

In the past you may have realised that a few of your games all come from the same game studio. Most developers tend to keep the same feel to their slots. If a developer designs a game that becomes popular, chances are they will keep a lot of the popular elements in a few new games that they develop. 

Popular games are also often used as inspirations to make several sequels. For example, Yggdrasil extending their popular Vikings series to include Vikings Go Wild, Vikings Go Berzerk and Vikings Go to Hell. Each one with new added features. 

Slot Volatility

Some players prefer slots with high volatility while others prefer medium to low. This is pretty personal and related to the frequency and size of a specific slot’s wins. High volatility (or variance) means that wins are much less frequent but tend to be bigger. With low volatility slots, although wins are small, they happen more frequently. 

Playing games for free gives you the opportunity to try out a few games and get a feel for which you prefer. Once you open a game finding the volatility is quite simple. It’s either stated right there when you start playing, or you’ll find it by clicking on the “i” button. 

Playing games for real money

Although playing free slots online can be fun, you might miss out on the thrill of the gamble. After you’ve tried all the free ways to play you might want to play for real money.

If you do decide to play for real there are a few things you may want to look out for. First and foremost it is always a good idea to check that a casino is properly regulated and legal to play in Canada. 

After that, it’s just about finding the right casino for yourself. We’ve discussed several ways you can do this above. It’s definitely worth while checking our Casino Reviews to see what the best and worst is out there. 

Next up, sign-up for the casino, make a deposit and get playing. What you choose to play is completely up to you.

One of the favourite games to play by Canadians are slots. And although completely random, there are a few things you can do to give you self a slight leg up when spinning the reels. 

Tips for playing slots

One of the first things you can do is read up on the game. Starting with reviews right here at Bonus Ninja. You can also find more information about the slot by clicking on the “i” icon within the slot game. This will give you all sorts of information on the game including pay tables, volatility and how much each symbol pays. You’ll also find details about in-game Free Spins and bonus games.

Our biggest tip for playing slots is to play the first few rounds for free. This will give you a feel for game, give you an idea of the frequency of wins and give you the chance to try out any bonus games. 

When you do decide to play for money, it’s best to raise your bet step-by-step. Betting all your allocated money on the first bet is not a good strategy. Start small and gradually raise your bet.

Lastly and most importantly, always stay within your budget. If you decide on a set amount, stick to it. Remembering gambling should be used as a fun pastime, not as a way to solve your financial problems. No strategy is guaranteed. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you earn real money when playing Free Games?

That all depends on what sort of free game you are playing. If you play games you fun, the money listed in the slot isn’t real. There is no way to win money on this form of the game. However, if you play free using a no deposit bonus or Free Spins the winnings are technically yours to keep. There is a catch though, as it might be linked to wagering requirements.

Are slots truly random?

Yes, they are. Online slots use random number generators to ensure a fair outcome. Slots are also regularly audited by regulating bodies to ensure that this is true.

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a special offer given by a casino to encourage players to sign up for a casino account. The most common no deposit bonus is a set of Free Spins.

Can I win a progressive jackpot when playing a slot in demo mode?

Theoretically yes. However, you won’t be winning real money. That being said it is also quite rare to find a progressive jackpot game that offers a play for fun version of the game.

Can I play at a Live Casino for free?

No, not usually. Although Live Casinos are a great feature to any casino. Keep in mind that it also comes at a much larger financial cost for a casino. For one thing dealers and cameramen need to be paid. Studio time also doesn’t come cheap. It isn’t in the developer of the Live Dealer’s games’ interest to offer any of their games for free.

Pros and Cons of Free Casino Games



  • No financial risk
  • Discover new games
  • Practice strategies
  • Protect privacy
  • Fun without cost


  • No real winnings
  • Fewer features


Players might decide to play casino games for free for a number of reasons. Just for fun, to improve their strategy or to get the feel for a game or casino. Whatever your reasons, Bonus Ninja will look into all the casinos and games out there that afford you this opportunity. We look at their game offering, play for fun games and no deposit bonuses. We do the research, so that all you need to do is enjoy playing!  

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