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December 27, 2023

How To Dispute Online Gambling Charges if a Casino Wronged You

how to dispute online gambling charges

Winning and losing are parts of the experience in online casinos, and all seasoned punters understand the unpredictability of the games of chance. 

But what do you do when an establishment does not play fair or makes an honest mistake?

In this article, we’ll provide crucial information on how to dispute online gambling charges to help you increase the chances of getting your money back in shady situations. We’ll also mention some of the best online gambling sites with excellent reputations, where you can play freely and safely, minimizing the chances of foul play and inconveniences.

Can You Dispute Online Gambling Charges?

Yes, you can dispute online gambling charges, but the process is typically not simple. 

The entire dispute procedure and the outcome can depend on several factors, including the:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Terms and conditions of a particular casino
  • Policies of your financial institution

The complexity of the process is understandable. While there are shady casinos that cheat their players, there are also gamers who try to trick the system and request refunds or make chargebacks on legitimate payments. Any false accusations could lead to you being blamed and facing legal problems. That is why the dispute is taken seriously.

Before filing a dispute against an online casino, you must ensure that a particular charge is unfair. 

You should also understand the terms and conditions of particular games, campaigns, or payment methods, as they could differ from the casino’s general terms. Some fees may apply in specific cases, so it’s crucial to verify all the details and determine whether the charge is justified. Keep in mind that legitimate casinos rarely charge you without a valid reason. 

Still, they can impose unreasonable terms for campaigns or games some players tend to overlook before depositing their funds or claiming casino money. 

You should dissect the conditions related to your specific situation before initiating a dispute, as that’s the best way to ensure that your claim is valid. 

Understanding How To Dispute Online Casino Charges

Understanding the whole process and learning how to dispute online casino charges will help you save time and money in the long run. 

If you notice something seems off while playing at an online casino, you should contact customer support. They can provide more details and explain the problematic charge or fee.

Most online casinos have a dispute resolution process you should follow, as that’s the easiest way to get your funds back. 

Here’s a list of steps you should take if you think you’ve experienced unfair charges at a particular casino:

  1. Gather the necessary evidence
  2. Contact the casino support staff
  3. Contact higher-level support or management

Gather the Necessary Evidence

Source: besteonlinecasinos

It’s important to build a case for any unfair charges, so you’ll need to have solid evidence that the casino violated your rights as a consumer. 

You should carefully read the online casino’s terms and conditions, gather transaction records, and take screenshots of issues you’ve experienced. This evidence is necessary to support your claims with valid proof and help approve your request.

Contact the Casino Support Staff

Before jumping to any conclusions and filing a dispute against an online casino, it’s always better to reach out to their agents first. The casino’s customer support might be able to help you resolve the issue without going through the time-consuming dispute process.

Reach out to them, thoroughly describe the problem, and provide the information you gathered. Discuss anything that’s on your mind with the support agent and don’t be reluctant to ask questions that will help resolve the problem. 

If you don’t get a response within a reasonable time or you are not satisfied with their answer, you can proceed to the next step.

Contact Higher-Level Support or Management

In case casino customer support doesn’t resolve the issue, you should contact higher-level support or management. They can inspect your casino account and verify whether any unfair charges have been made.

If the casino management or higher-level support is unresponsive, doesn’t cooperate, or you still feel dissatisfied with their answer, you can consider requesting a chargeback from your financial institution.

How Do Chargebacks From Online Casinos Work?

If contacting your online casino wasn’t successful, you can request a chargeback and get your financial institution involved in the process. 

In a sense, asking for a chargeback is like asking for a refund, but instead of asking the online gaming establishment for your money, you ask your payment processor to take it back for you.

The whole chargeback process is lengthy and tedious, but it can help you get your funds back even if the casino is unwilling to cooperate. 

File a Chargeback With Your Financial Institution

If you want to file a chargeback with your financial institution, you should contact their customer support and provide them with all the data you’ve collected. 

After you make the dispute, your financial institution will gather evidence to determine whether the claims for the dispute are valid. The decision can take a while and have both positive and negative outcomes.

It’s possible you might need to fill out specific forms, so ensure these are detailed to increase your chances of winning the chargeback claim. 

Keep in mind that the dispute process can vary based on the payment method you used to deposit the funds to your casino account. The following table presents some of the most common payment methods for online gaming and information about their dispute process:

Payment MethodDispute Process
Bank transferThe dispute process for payments made through bank transfer is typically easy but time-consuming. In most situations, you provide the bank with the evidence, and it handles the rest of the process
Credit cardThe dispute process via your credit card issuer is similar to the bank dispute process. You are in charge of providing evidence, and the credit card company should handle the procedure
eWallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Neteller)Getting a dispute after using an eWallet for depositing casino funds can be extremely difficult. You should always discuss the chargeback procedure with your eWallet’s customer support before using this payment method for making online gambling deposits

Once the dispute procedure begins, maintain communication with your bank and follow up to see how the process is going. Keep in mind that making an online casino chargeback can last for a while and pack yourself with patience.

If nothing works, you might need to take legal action, and the steps may vary based on the jurisdiction.

How Disputing Charges for Online Gambling Works in Canada?

Source: AGCO

When it comes to disputing online gaming charges in Canada, it’s better to first reach out to one of the relevant gaming institutions in the country. They might be able to help you and offer additional advice regarding your situation. 

Canada has several reputable gaming authorities that issue licenses guaranteeing fair play in online gambling. The two most reputable ones are the:

  1. Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
  2. Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC)

If reaching out to these authorities doesn’t help, you can take legal action, sue the casino, and go to court. Still, this can be a challenging process that requires plenty of patience and a reliable lawyer. 

Reasons You’re Able To Win a Chargeback Against an Online Casino

Source: gleb_guralnyk 

The strongest cases for getting your money back from online casinos are as follows:

  1. You accidentally sent money to a scam casino
  2. You experienced unauthorized charges
  3. You didn’t get a promised service

In any of these situations, your dispute should be approved as long as you have solid proof. 

You Accidentally Sent Money to a Scam Casino

A common mistake players, especially newbies, make is depositing funds at fraudulent casinos. Unfortunately, such venues often seem legit but are actually elaborately designed scams.

The good thing is that in these situations, most banks approve chargebacks, even though the procedures are still lengthy and tedious.

It’s best to avoid fraudulent casinos in the first place by checking the establishment’s licenses and certificates before registering or transferring funds. 

You Experienced Unauthorized Charges

Strange or unauthorized charges on your account are a red flag and should prompt you to react immediately, report the problem, and file a dispute. It is especially important if you’ve been charged without playing a game. 

Such transactions could indicate that your credit card information has been cloned or stolen, so you should contact the casino and your financial institution to prevent further damage to your funds.

You Didn’t Get a Promised Service

After you make a deposit to an online casino, you should be able to play freely and withdraw funds without limitations. If an online gambling establishment blocks your funds or restricts your access to particular services, you have a valid reason to ask for your money back

Still, before transferring funds to your casino account, it’s important to know that every venue has a unique set of terms and conditions you should get familiar with. 

Some casinos may impose limitations on how you can use your funds and allow you to withdraw only a specific amount per day, week, or month. 

These restrictions are particularly common for campaign funds as they’re often available for limited periods or specific games. Campaign funds can have high wagering requirements, and they often have a withdrawal limit for deposited funds. 

Avoid Inconveniences by Playing at Respectable Casinos

Source: freepik

Choosing a reputable online casino is vital for your gaming experience. 

Licensed and regulated gambling sites undergo regular internal and external checks and audits to ensure fair play and a safe gaming environment.

Here’s a list of reputable licensed online casinos in Canada where you can play without worrying about problems such as fraud, shady policies, and data leaks: 

Leo VegasAGCOVisit the casino!
Dream VegasAGCO
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NorthStar BetsAGCOVisit the casino!
PokerStars CasinoAGCO
Visit the casino!
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Luxury CasinoMGA
Visit the casino!
Visit the casino!
High FlyerAGCO
Visit the casino!
WheelzMGAVisit the casino!
Lucky DaysAGCO
Visit the casino!
Zodiac CasinoKGC
Visit the casino!
Visit the casino!

Besides a safe and highly functional environment for their players, these reputable sites offer various campaigns that don’t entail unreasonable wagering requirements or unfair limitations.

Featured image source: freepik

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Teemu is our go-to pro for Payments and Regulations. He's got the savvy to navigate casino finance.

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