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October 25, 2022

What is an Online Casino License and why is it so important?

Article What is an Online Casino License and why is it so important?

The gambling industry is expanding every day as new online casinos are making it in the market. There are over hundreds of online casinos available to modern-day players. Even though most of them have a lucrative collection of games and rewards, are they safe enough to protect the gamblers from fraud? This is a vital question that most players forget to pay attention to. If you, too, have neglected the point yet so far, it’s time to understand the importance of a gambling license.

Moreover, you need to know the proper meaning of a gambling license, its types, ways to check a club’s license, etc. Are you wondering where to find such detailed information? Right here, we have got you covered. Stay hooked with us until the end!

What is a Casino License?

Let us begin with “what is an online casino license”? Well, basically, it is a certification that legally allows a club to offer its gambling services to the bettors. Every online casino needs to apply for a license first before starting the business. They are also required to pay a certain amount of fee for getting the license on time. The companies that provide the license have experts who review each gambling site. If a club wants to get the license without any hassle, then they must meet a few requirements as follows:

  • Having a decent collection of games from secure developers
  • Must use safe ways of payments (deposits and withdrawals)
  • Proper terms and conditions for the deals and bonuses
  • A secure system to prevent any sort of money related frauds
  • Have rules that pay importance to responsible gambling
  • The owner has proper identity and funds proof
  • The owner must be free of any criminal records in the past

If the online casino company meets all these criteria’s, it can be certified as a legal online casino!

Importance of Casino License

Now, we will enlighten you on the importance of a gambling license. Read below to find out:

  • The license shows that the slots offered by the casino are trustworthy.
  • It ensures that your personal data and banking details stay protected.
  • If some unlawful activity occurs in the club, you can hold the company responsible and protect yourself from the situation.
  • Licensed clubs are more dedicated to having a good support team for their players.

These are a few of the many reasons why a gambling license is vital for any online or land-based casino. Therefore, before joining a club, you must check its legal license. Further, we have discussed the best casino licenses in the market. Keep reading!

The Best Casino Licenses

Multiple organizations provide gambling licenses to the clubs and regulate their gaming system. Every firm has different requirements for the casinos to fulfill. Some have stringent rules, whereas there are a few who provide gambling licenses with easier regulations. Whatever be the case, no casino can operate legally without getting certified by even one of the authorities. Do you want to know about the best casino licenses available to the online casinos? We are here to help! Have a look below.


If a club owner wants to get the best gambling license in the industry, it is none other than Malta. The gaming authority has existed since 2001 and has provided gambling licenses to many popular gaming companies to date. Some of the benefits that come with the Malta licenses are:

  • Affordable taxes
  • Operating in EU jurisdiction
  • Easy payment facilities

Even though their license is costly and takes time to get approved, all of the efforts are definitely worth it. You can either opt for their B2B or B2C license. If you want to choose the best, go to Malta!


When a club is looking for a cheaper and quicker option, choosing Curacao is a good idea. The owners can get a license from this firm paying 0% VAT or tax rate. This license is highly recommended for small startups who are tight on budget. Online casinos that want to enter the market without spending much time and money will find this option the most helpful. Curacao also has a commendable reputation. Hence, if a casino has a license from them, know that it is genuine and reliable.


Founded in the year 2000, Gibraltar has made it to one of the most trusted gambling license authorities. 888 Casino is a famous online casino that uses the license provided by this firm. Gibraltar takes around six months to approve the application. Once a casino gets a license from this company, they can choose the slots to offer, but Gibraltar will select the ‘types’ of games. It is a decent option chosen by several clubs these days.

You need to know whether or not a casino is operating under a legal license. To make sure the online casino you choose has got a gambling license, scroll down to the bottom of their web page and find the commission logo. Once you spot the logo, you will know which authority has provided the license to the club. Now if you wish, visit the website of the license provider and check the list of casinos licensed under them. If you spot the name of the online casino chosen by you, the club is legal, and you can join it for exciting games!

Bonus Ninja Only Represents Properly Licensed Online Casinos

At Bonus Ninja, we want gamblers to join safe and reliable online casinos. Hence, all our lists and guides contain the name of only those online casinos that are legal and have a proper gambling license. When choosing a club from Bonus Ninja suggestions, keep faith because you will be enjoying the best games in the legitimate casinos. Therefore, check out our expert recommendations and pick an incredible online betting house for you!

Final Word

We hope the guide has helped you know a lot about online casinos’ gambling licenses. Now that you know it all, make sure you check a club’s license before participating in it. Did you find this blog helpful? Do share with us!

Ninja Admin

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