October 25, 2022

Bonusninja fights for better gaming

Article Bonusninja fights for better gaming

Our brand new site has been under construction just like Isaac’s Church back in the old days, as we wanted to bring a highly polished package that was rubbed down to perfection to delight all casino players. And this is it now, in all its tremendous entirety – you are most welcome! But who an earth is Bonusninja, what do we offer exactly and what is this site all about?

The world of online casinos can sometimes be a jungle of confusion and cruelty, but Bonusninja does the dirty work for you! Behind the scenes we have a very experienced team who knows all about the industry, starting from the poker hype at the turn of the millennium and the proliferation of mobile gaming all the way to Pay’n Play casinos of recent years – we’ve seen it all. The Bonusninja team consists of several professionals in the field, bringing their knowledge and fingers in the shared pie.

Bonusninja aims to make casino adventures easier for you. We tear the new casinos to pieces, interpret the small prints of bonus terms and compile an easy-to-read set for you to consume. It’s your responsibility to take advantage of the great bonuses and enjoy the games!

The best bonuses and exclusive benefits in the market

Free spins, deposit bonuses, free cash, cashbacks – online casinos are like candy stores with their bonuses. You players are so highly valued at any casino that giant gaming companies are willing to even pay to get curious newcomers test their new brands. Kind of same thing as having a bouncer at the new nightclub handing you a roll of cash!

There are so lot of bonuses to be shared that in addition to being fun, they can also give you a headache. Comparing bonuses can take forever since the worst online casinos hide all kinds of fishy tricks in their bonus terms. It’s hard for anyone taking their baby steps at the casino world to even grasp the difference between different online casino bonuses – they are all made sound like a box of best chocolates.

Believe me, Bonusninja’s team members have stumbled upon all kinds of traps and hoaxes in their own gaming career. That’s why one of the key purposes of this site is to provide you with reviews that bring bonuses and their terms on the table in an easy-to-understand format so that you don’t have to stumble and you can skip any of the very worst gaming sites easily.

Thanks to years of experience, we also have a very warm relationship with several operators in the gambling industry. We are among the first to hear about any new brands, and many times we can also offer exclusive benefits to our customers. At times, we also run co-promotions with casinos – for find those, visit our site regularly, keep your eyes open and read our latest news!

You can be a Ninja too – register a user account

Even if Bonusninja has an experienced team behind them, we also want to hear from our site users. Other players’ user experiences from different casinos and games are extremely valuable, which is why Bonusninja wants to unify all casino people!

At the top of our site you will find a link to register a profile of your own. This is really worthwhile, as registering a profile will give you exclusive bonuses and other great benefits targeted at our loyal customers.

After trying out a new casino you found through us, you can return to review the casino on our site. No need to write – you can easily rate the casino using numbers, giving points to bonuses, layout, game selection and other relevant stuff, for example. When multiple players review the same casino, the average scores show you fast the general opinion about that site!

In addition, you can leave a written feedback on the casino if you want to give twigs or roses to someone, in particular. If you want to check out other players’ experiences before trying out a new casino, the casino reviews made by users can be easily found under the “information” drop-down menu.

Bonusninja wants you to be a part of our content production team – we are eager to get to know you, hear about your experiences of different online casinos and to understand your gaming habits!

Grabbed a huge win? Share a pic of your moment of glory!

At its best, casino gaming is quite a social thing and most casino players can also be happy for another player’s giant winnings. The truth is that winning by a colleague also gives more hope to one’s own playing when you know everything is possible!

Bonusninja offers its customers an opportunity to share their own highlights at online casinos. When you think you’ve grabbed a single win worth to share, take a screenshot of the situation either by your phone or computer. Then, as a logged in user, you can add the winning picture on the Bonusninja site and share your good news to our other users!

In context with the winning picture, you can write which casino you played in, what the bet was, and you can also tell more about the lucky spin. As casino players are known to speak the same language, others will surely be interested in the exciting moments before and after your spin of luck!

Winning pictures also tell their story to other players. By watching the pics you will learn about new games and see what the hottest games of the moment among our other users are.

Confident gaming moments with us

Security above all, both at online casinos and in everything else! Bonusninja knows that quite vague sites can now and then pop up in the market. There are fewer and fewer actual scams these days, but some questionable sites can at time be encountered.

It is paramount to Bonusninja to ensure that all online casinos in our selection are safe. We test all the new casinos ourselves, and if something goes wrong in their operations, we forget about the casino right away.

The following criteria is essential to us: 

  • Casino is legally licensed
  • Reliable payment methods available to players
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Customer service available
  • Reliable casino games

Once these basics are in order, the casino’s operations are already on a fairly secure ground. The most important of all factors is the license issued by the official gaming authority, as this will ensure that in case of any problems, you have the opportunity to ask for a third party to clarify the situation.

When evaluating new casinos, we always first pay attention to safety. Only after the casino has been found to be trustworthy, we move on to bonuses and other less relevant things.

So, to avoid unpleasant surprises at online casinos, we always recommend choosing the online casino represented by Bonusninja!

Bonusninja has an eye on the markets

Do you sometimes have a feeling that your head is spinning around while trying to follow all the new casinos? Well, you are not the only one – so many new online casinos open their doors non-stop that it’s hard for even professionals to stay on top of all the new sites.

At the Bonusninja office, our passion are new interesting online casinos, and especially the bonuses they offer. We monitor the development in the market with a close eye and believe it or not – we test every new casino. On the sidelines, we also observe existing casinos and how their operations and services are evolving.

On our website menus, you can visit various online casinos. For example, the latest casinos, the best bonuses, and the new Pay’n Play casinos all have their own pages. In addition, you can use the search function on our site if you already have a specific online casino in mind you would like to read more information about. You will probably find any casino through us.

When you register a user profile with us, please also subscribe to our marketing content by your email. This allows you to keep up with all the exclusive benefits targeted at our active customers. These benefits you won’t get from other sites or from online casinos directly.

Bonusninja – for better gaming!

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Bonus Ninja offers you the latest online casino trends & bonuses!

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