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November 15, 2023

Top Online Roulette Sites for Canadian Players—Where To Play and How To Win

Roulette is a thrilling game of chance that has captivated players for generations. With its origins dating back to 18th-century France, roulette has evolved into a global sensation, and today, when it can be played online, it enjoys immense popularity among Canadian players.

Before you start playing with real money, it’s smart to get familiar with the essential rules of roulette to make the best wagering decisions. Our article can help you get to know all the basic terms of this popular game of chance, learn the advantages of different game variants, and master the winning strategies. In addition, we provide a list of the top online roulette sites for Canadian players. 

How Does Online Roulette Work?

Roulette is a classic casino game that is easy to learn and play. Online roulette works in the same way as conventional table roulette, but it uses a random number generator (RNG) to generate results, assuring fairness for players and preventing unfair advantage of casinos. 

The game is played on a circular wheel with numbered pockets. Players place their bets on the roulette table, which corresponds to the numbers and colours enabling betting options on the wheel. Bets can be placed on individual numbers, groups of numbers, colours—red or black, even or odd numbers, and high or low numbers. 

Once all bets are placed, the dealer or the computer in an online casino spins the roulette wheel. At the same time, a small ball is released onto the spinning wheel in the opposite direction.

As the wheel slows down, the ball eventually comes to rest in one of the numbered pockets. The winning number and its corresponding colour are determined by the pocket where the ball lands.

Random Number Generator (RNG) in Online Roulette

A random number generator in online roulette is a computer algorithm that generates unpredictable and unbiased numbers to determine the outcomes of each spin. It ensures that the results are entirely random and not influenced by external factors, providing a fair and unpredictable gaming experience. The RNG is a critical component that ensures the integrity of online roulette games, ensuring that the outcomes are not manipulated.

Basic Terms in Online Roulette

Understanding basic terms like inside and outside bets in online roulette is essential because it enables you to grasp the game’s rules, make informed betting decisions, manage your bankroll effectively, and communicate with other players when you play the live dealer version of the game. It enhances your overall enjoyment of the game and helps prevent costly mistakes, ensuring a more satisfying and immersive experience.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are bets placed on specific numbers or smaller groups of numbers on the inside of the table layout. You can bet on individual numbers from 1 to 36, as well as the single zero (0) or double zero (00) if you’re playing American roulette. They typically offer higher payouts but entail lower odds of winning.

Inside bets include:

  • Straight bets—Placing a bet on a single, specific number on the roulette table
  • Split bets—Betting on two adjacent numbers on the table layout
  • Street bets—Betting on a row of three numbers in a horizontal line on the table layout
  • Corner bets—Placing a bet on the intersection of four numbers on the table

These bets allow more specific predictions but come with greater risks. 

Outside Bets

Outside bets are placed on larger groups of numbers or characteristics such as colour (red or black), odd or even numbers, or high or low numbers. They entail better odds of winning but lower payouts.

Outside bets include:

  • Dozens—Betting on one of the three groups of 12 numbers—from 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36
  • Colours—You bet on whether the winning colour will be red or black
  • Odd and even—You wager on whether the winning number will be odd or even
  • High and low—This bet involves choosing whether the winning number will fall in the range of 1 to 18 or 19 to 36
  • Columns—You wager on one of the three vertical columns of numbers on the roulette table

Outside bets are popular among players seeking more conservative betting options with a higher likelihood of winning, although the payouts are smaller compared to inside bets.

Advantages of Playing Roulette Online

Roulette maintains its popularity in online casinos, mirroring the excitement and appeal it has long enjoyed in land-based establishments. Its accessibility, variety of game variants, and the convenience of online play have contributed to its continued status as a top choice among casino enthusiasts. 

Here are some of the advantages of playing roulette online compared to playing in land-based casinos:

  1. Convenience and accessibility
  2. Variety
  3. Lower betting limits
  4. Free play
  5. Campaigns
  6. Progressive jackpots

Convenience and Accessibility

You’re not bound by casino operating hours or locations when playing online. With an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone, you can immerse yourself in the game from the comfort of your home, sparing you the time and effort of travelling to a physical casino. The convenience grants you the freedom to enjoy the game at your own pace whenever you feel like it. 


Online casinos deliver a diverse gaming experience with many roulette variants. You can enjoy classics like European and American roulette or explore the complex rules of French roulette. For an unforgettable betting experience, you can try the live dealer version, where real dealers bring the real casino vibe to your screen. This variety not only adds excitement but also allows you to experiment with different strategies and enjoy the game in ways that suit your gambling style.

Lower Betting Limits

Online roulette tables frequently allow lower minimum bets compared to their land-based counterparts. The flexibility of the betting limits is ideal for players who prefer to bet small amounts, so players with diverse budgets, from casual gamers to high rollers, can comfortably participate in the game.

Free Play

A valuable feature offered by numerous online casinos is free play or demo versions of roulette. 

For newcomers, free play is an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game, understand different betting options, and practice various strategies—all without risking real money. This risk-free environment is ideal for building confidence and sharpening skills before transitioning to real-money play. 

For experienced players, free play provides an opportunity to test out new strategies or refine existing ones without financial consequences.


Online casino campaigns enhance your gaming adventure by boosting your bankroll and creating opportunities for extended play. 

From welcome bonuses and cashback deals to thrilling tournaments and VIP programs, these incentives seamlessly elevate your chances of winning while ensuring that your online roulette journey is dynamic and rewarding.

Progressive Jackpots

Some online casinos feature progressive jackpot versions of online roulette. In progressive jackpot roulette, a portion of each player’s bet contributes to a growing jackpot pool. This pool continues to increase until one fortunate player hits the jackpot. This means that the potential winnings can be impressive. Participating in a progressive jackpot roulette game makes the experience even more thrilling.  

Roulette Variants—Fans’ Favourites 

Casino players can enjoy roulette in many exciting variants, each with its own set of rules.

Here are five of the most popular roulette variants:

  1. European roulette
  2. American roulette
  3. French roulette
  4. Mini roulette
  5. Multiball roulette

European Roulette

European Roulette is a classic and widely popular variant of this iconic casino game. In this version, the roulette wheel features 37 numbered pockets, from zero to 36, with a single zero (0) pocket. The objective of European Roulette is the same as in all roulette variants—predict where the ball will come to rest after the wheel stops. 

You can place bets on various outcomes, such as: 

  • Specific numbers
  • Groups of numbers
  • Red or black colour
  • Odd or even numbers 
  • High or low numbers

One of the key reasons why European Roulette is favoured by many is its lower house edge. The presence of only one zero means that you have a slightly higher chance of winning compared to the American Roulette variant.

American Roulette

American Roulette is known for its double-zero pocket on the roulette wheel, which sets it apart from European and French roulette variants. 

In American Roulette, the wheel has a total of 38 numbered pockets, ranging from zero to 36, with an additional double zero (00).

The double zero in American Roulette changes the odds and house advantage. It increases the house edge, making it slightly less favourable for players. Consequently, American Roulette often offers more substantial payouts to compensate for the higher house edge.

French Roulette

In French Roulette, the roulette wheel features 37 numbered pockets, from 0 to 36, like in European Roulette. What sets it apart is the two special rules: 

  1. La Partage—When a player places an even-money bet, and the ball lands on the zero (0) pocket, the player receives back half of their wager
  2. En Prison—Players who make even-money bets, and the ball lands on zero, have their bet imprisoned for the next spin. If their bet wins on the subsequent spin, they recover their full wager; otherwise, they lose it

These rules reduce potential losses, making French Roulette an attractive option for players seeking a balanced blend of excitement and favourable odds. In addition, French roulette offers more advanced betting options that can further reduce the house edge.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a unique and condensed version of the classic casino game, offering a fresh twist on the traditional roulette experience. 

In Mini Roulette, the wheel is smaller and consists of only 13 numbered pockets, including the single zero (0) pocket. The numbers range from zero to 12, resulting in fewer betting options compared to standard roulette versions.

The smaller wheel and reduced number of pockets create a faster-paced and simpler game.

Multiball Roulette

Multiball roulette is an exhilarating variation of the classic casino game that takes the traditional roulette experience to a new level. As the name suggests, this variant introduces the use of multiple balls in a single spin, adding an element of increased unpredictability.

In multiball roulette, the wheel is the same as in standard European versions, featuring the same roulette rules. However, instead of one ball, several balls are released onto the wheel simultaneously. The number of balls in play varies between different versions, with the maximum number of balls being ten. 

The players place their bets, and the bet is split according to the number of balls in the game—if there are two balls, the winnings will be divided in half, and with three balls in play, the payouts are divided into thirds, and this pattern continues accordingly.   

Roulette Odds and Payouts

The odds and payouts in roulette vary depending on the type of bet you place. The game offers numerous betting options, each with its odds and corresponding payouts.

Inside bets offer higher payouts but lower chances of winning, while outside bets have better odds but lower payouts. Your choice between these bet types should align with your risk tolerance, gaming style, and budget.

Odds in Inside Bets

Explore the winning potential of the inside bets in roulette presented in the table below:

Inside Bet TypePayoutAmerican RouletteEuropean Roulette
Straight bet 35:12.6%2.7%
Split bet17:15.3%5.4%
Street bet11:17.9%8.1%
Corner bet8:110.5%10.8%

Odds in Outside Bets

Discover the potential for wins with outside bets in roulette provided in the table below:

Outside Bet TypePayoutAmerican RouletteEuropean Roulette
Odd or even1:147.37%48.65%
High or low1:147.37%48.65%

Return to Player (RTP)

Return to player, or RTP, is a percentage representing the expected amount of money players can get back from their total bets over the long term in a casino game. A higher RTP indicates a game with a lower house edge and better player odds.

The RTP in roulette is influenced by the specific variant being played, whether it’s European, American, French, or another version. The presence of the single or double zero pockets and any additional rules like La Partage or En Prison in French roulette affect the game’s overall RTP.

As a general guideline, you can expect the following:

  • European Roulette typically has a higher RTP compared to American Roulette because it has only one zero pocket (0), resulting in a lower house edge
  • French Roulette often offers favourable RTP, especially when La Partage or En Prison rules are in play, making the game more player-friendly

The table below details the RTP for various online roulette variants:

Roulette VariantRTP Percentage
American roulette94.74%
European roulette97.3%
French roulette98.65%
Mini roulette96.15%

Keep in mind that the RTP is calculated over millions of spins and long periods and represents theoretical averages, so individual gaming sessions may not result in receiving $94.74 on $100 wagered on American roulette, for example. 

The Best Strategies for Successful Gameplay

While roulette is based on luck, some strategies can help you manage your bets and potentially enhance your overall experience. Keep in mind that no strategy can guarantee winning because each spin is independent and random. 

Here are five popular roulette strategies:

  1. Martingale system—This high-risk strategy involves doubling your bet after a loss, aiming to recover previous losses with a single win
  2. Labouchere system—Create a series of numbers and bet the sum of the first and last numbers of it. If you win, you delete them. If you lose, the sum is added to the end of the sequence
  3. Fibonacci system—You increase your bets after a loss based on the Fibonacci sequence. If you win, you move two steps back in the same sequence
  4. D’Alembert system—Increase your bet by one unit after a loss and decrease it by one unit after a win
  5. Paroli system—Double your bet after a win

The Best Online Roulette Sites in Canada

No matter your level of experience or strategic prowess in the game of roulette, it is essential to prioritize playing at reputable and trustworthy online casinos. These recommended casinos hold licenses from relevant regulatory bodies and have received rave reviews, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gaming environment for all players.

Spin CasinoAlcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)
Spin the wheel!
Jackpot CityAlcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)
Spin the wheel!
CasumoMalta Gaming Authority (MGA)Spin the wheel!

Spin Casino

Spin the Reels and Watch Your Fortunes Change

Spin Casino, a well-established online gaming venue, has been catering to Canadian players since 2021, offering a dynamic and enticing gambling adventure.

Roulette enthusiasts will find several exciting options at Spin Casino. Among the most popular variants are European Roulette, Turbo Auto Roulette, and live dealer roulette games like Real Roulette With Bailey, Caroline, and Dave. These games offer thrilling experiences with different features and betting options to suit various preferences.

The casino holds eCOGRA certification, attesting that all casino games based on chance are random and fair.

New players at Spin Casino can enjoy a three-part 100% deposit match bonus of up to $1,000. Additionally, the casino rewards regular players with daily bonuses that include free spins, bonus money, and spins on the bonus wheel.

Spin Casino offers an array of payment methods for Canadian players, making deposits and withdrawals convenient and secure. You can choose from the following:

Spin Casino has a responsive customer support team available via live chat or email, ensuring assistance with any questions or concerns related to roulette or other casino games. Additionally, the casino places a strong emphasis on responsible gaming, offering tools for players to manage their spending and gaming habits effectively.

Jackpot City

Will You Hit the Jackpot?

Jackpot City is a well-established online casino that officially entered the Canadian market in 2022. The venue offers an extensive selection of casino games, including many roulette options, like French, European, and American roulette. Additionally, the casino offers live roulette games with real dealers, providing immersive gameplay resembling a traditional casino experience.

New players at Jackpot City are welcomed with a substantial four-tiered deposit match bonus, totalling up to $1,600 in casino funds. The casino also offers a loyalty program enabling players to earn points for real-money wagers, unlocking various rewards as they progress through six loyalty levels.

The casino supports a variety of payment methods, including:

Jackpot City’s customer support is responsive and available 24/7 via live chat or email, and there’s a comprehensive FAQ section for common player queries. The casino emphasizes responsible gaming, offering tools for self-assessment and spending management. 


Join the Casumoverse To Win Big

Casumo is a standout online casino renowned for its innovative approach to gaming and multiple EGR Awards. The venue offers a wide range of high-quality games, with over 2,700 titles in its portfolio. 

Roulette enthusiasts will find an array of live roulette games that authentically recreate the casino ambiance. Some top roulette games include Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, Prestige Roulette, Live Lightning Roulette, and Quantum Roulette. 

Casumo will take your gambling session to a new level as you get to explore the Casumo Universe with a customizable avatar. As you play more games and accumulate experience, your avatar evolves and earns you rewards.

Players joining Casumo will get a 100% deposit bonus, up to $500, upon registration, complemented by 115 free spins for 9 Masks of Fire Hyperspins. These bonuses feature reasonable wagering requirements, further enhancing the offer.

Beyond the welcome bonus, Casumo offers an array of lucrative promotions, including deposit matches, bonus spins, cashback, and more. You can also participate in Reel Races, Casumo Valuables, and Casino Drops and Wins for additional rewards.

Accepted payment methods at Casumo include:

Casumo’s commitment to player satisfaction entails 24/7 customer support via live chat and email. The accessible FAQ section provides quick answers to common queries.

The casino promotes responsible gaming and provides tools to set spending limits.

Tuomas Laine

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