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December 12, 2023

How To Get a Cashback Bonus at an Online Casino—The Pro Player’s Guide

Regardless of your skill level or experience, playing at an online casino also involves losing a few bets sometimes, souring the mood of an otherwise thrilling gameplay session.

That’s where cashback bonuses come in to help you recuperate a small part of your losses and give you a reason to keep playing. These promotions aren’t available everywhere, and they come in many different forms. Before opting for a cashback bonus, you should learn everything about the specific campaign and cashback bonuses in general to make an informed choice.

In this thorough guide, we’ll show you how to get a cashback bonus at an online casino and how to choose the right venue

How Do You Get Cashback From an Online Casino?

In most establishments, these are the necessary steps to activate a cashback bonus:

  1. Find a legitimate and legal online casino with a cashback bonus
  2. Register an account
  3. Verify your identity 
  4. Navigate to the casino’s Bonus page or your account settings
  5. Find the Claim Bonus button or a similar prompt for the cashback bonus
  6. Use it to activate the promotion
  7. Wait for the funds to be credited to your casino account

Online casinos and their user interfaces vary a lot, but the process usually looks something like that. The majority of establishments have a Bonus page that outlines all available promotions and an account centre where you can see your cash balance and currently activated bonuses. 

Activating a cashback bonus is the easy part—knowing when to do it is more difficult. To decide if you should use cashback promotions, it’s important to understand them at a deeper level. 

Source: besteonlinecasinos

How Does an Online Casino Cashback Bonus Work?

Also referred to as refund bonuses, cashback promotions reward you with bonus money when you lose a bet at the casino. The promotion provides players with a small safety net by minimizing their losses. 

If a cashback bonus rewards you with 5% of your total losses, your cash balance at the casino has a red line it won’t go under—no matter how much money you spend on a losing streak, you’ll still get that 5% in the end. 

Since it’s a loss-based reward, don’t think of it as an ordinary casino bonus—it’s more akin to an insurance policy. Like our example above, most cashback bonuses are structured as a percentage of your net losses.

While some casinos offer an ongoing cashback bonus, these promotions are more often tied to a specific time frame, such as a weekly, monthly, or daily bonus, depending on the policies of the iGaming venue. 

Access to cashback bonuses is also limited by certain eligibility criteria. As a result, cashback promotions may only be available to certain players. 

Are You Eligible for a Cashback Bonus at an Online Casino?

The answer depends on your online casino of choice because each establishment has its eligibility requirements, including: 

  • Deposit requirements 
  • Account verification
  • Loss thresholds
  • Account activity
  • Opt-in actions

In some online casinos, you may need to fund your casino account with a minimum amount of money before becoming eligible for a cashback bonus. For instance, a venue’s Terms and Conditions might prescribe a minimum deposit of $200 before you can opt into the promotion. 

As a result of international anti-money laundering laws, all legal online casinos must verify the identities of their players. Some casinos require you to provide proof of identity before depositing money and claiming bonuses. 

Source: AidanHowe

Depending on the specifics of the cashback promotion, you may be required to hit a loss threshold before becoming eligible for the bonus. If the threshold for a 10% weekly cashback bonus is $200, you have to lose at least that much in a week to claim the offer. 

Once you fulfill the other eligibility requirements, you may have to perform a specific opt-in action, like hitting a “Claim Bonus” or similar button. 

It’s also important to distinguish between the promotion’s eligibility and wagering requirements: 

  • Eligibility requirements—conditions you must fulfill to opt into a cashback bonus
  • Wagering requirements—conditions you must fulfill to withdraw casino money received through the cashback bonus

Read the casino’s Terms and Conditions section to see which actions will disqualify you from the cashback bonus.

Forbidden Account Actions

All online casinos have extremely strict policies on cheating or any other suspicious behaviour that might indicate an attempt to disrupt its fair play environment. These actions will not only disqualify you from any promotion—they will also result in your account being permanently banned.

Apart from this, some venues also have requirements based on account activity. If your account is unused for a long period, it may be suspended due to inactivity, and your bonus money might be revoked. 

Different Types of Online Casino Cashback Bonuses

Depending on the specific rules enforced by your chosen iGaming venue, cashback bonuses may be available in various forms. To ensure you get the most out of each promotion, familiarize yourself with the different types of cashback bonuses at an online casino. Here’s a list of the six most common forms of cashback rewards:

  1. Basic loss-based
  2. Deposit-based 
  3. Game-related
  4. Tiered
  5. Loyalty programs
  6. Date-based

Basic Loss-Based Bonuses

As the most basic form of a cashback bonus, loss-based promotions give back a percentage of your losses—usually during a specific period, like a week, month, or day. 

Let’s say a casino has an ongoing weekly cashback promotion, giving back 20% of all losses to eligible players. If your losses during that week were $150, you’d receive $30 in bonus money at the end of the week. Here’s a table with a few other examples of cashback bonus calculations:

Cashback BonusDaily LossesTotal Bonus Amount
5% of weekly losses$20$7
10% of daily losses$50$5
15% of monthly losses$5$22.5

These are simplified calculations, which assume consistent losses each day of the given periods. 

Even with the best bonus, it’s crucial to understand that you’ll receive it in the form of casino money. In most establishments, this means the money won’t be available for withdrawal right away. After activating the promotion, you’ll have to fulfill its specific wagering requirement before requesting your next withdrawal. 

Deposit-Based Bonuses

While most cashback bonuses are tied to your losses over a given period, deposit-based promotions are calculated based on your deposits. They don’t fulfill a loss-recuperating role—instead, they are another type of bonus that incentivizes players to make more significant deposits. 

If a casino’s cashback promotion provides 10% of your deposits in a given time, and you deposit $1,000, you’ll receive $100 in bonus money. Besides the accompanying wagering requirements, there’s another caveat to consider here—these promotions almost always have an upper limit. They may also be limited to specific deposit methods.

Game-Related Bonuses

Online casinos rarely provide only one type of game, instead aiming for a more comprehensive virtual casino experience that includes online slots, table games, and sometimes live dealer activities.

Source: TheAndrasBarta

The establishment may decide to offer cashback bonuses exclusively for one type of game or a specific title. For instance, a casino could offer a bonus consisting of 10% of all losses on slots throughout the week—or 15% of net losses on a specific slot, like Microgaming’s Immortal Romance. 

If you spend most of your time playing one type of casino game, finding a venue that offers cashback rewards for that specific category is the way to go. 

Tiered Bonuses

The higher your losses are, the more useful a cashback bonus will become. Some casinos recognize this and make their cashback rewards tiered, meaning that the percentage of returned losses increases along with your losses. 

For instance, the casino might set up a bonus so that you receive 5% of your losses if your net total is under $500 but 10% if the losses are between $500 and $1,000. Such promotions give you a way to win back more of your losses, but they’re a double-edged sword—the cashback percentage only increases if you keep playing, which could also deepen your losses. 

Source: Michał Parzuchowski

Loyalty Programs

Most casinos have loyalty programs that reward their more active players. In such establishments, each bet gives you loyalty points, which you can exchange for exclusive prizes. The various perks of different casinos’ loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes including access to an exclusive cashback bonus unavailable to ordinary players. 

Date-Based Rewards

Casinos sometimes offer special cashback rewards during the holidays or ongoing promotions on specific days of the week or month. Some establishments run a cashback program each Friday or during the last days of each month when they anticipate players will be most active. 

Wagering Requirements for Online Casino Cashback Bonuses Explained

Most types of cashback bonuses are accompanied by wagering requirements, which you must fulfill before making a withdrawal. Online casinos impose such restrictions to ensure players don’t withdraw their cashback funds immediately after choosing the related promotion. 

Instead, wagering requirements, also referred to as playthrough requirements, steer punters back to playing. The requirements are mostly instituted in the form of playthrough counts, such as 10x, 20x, etc. 

Let’s say that a cashback promotion has rewarded you with $200, and its Terms and Conditions declare a 15x wagering requirement—in that case, you’d have to bet $3,000 before requesting a withdrawal. This doesn’t just apply to withdrawals of the $200 sum—you must fulfill the playthrough requirements before withdrawing any money from your casino balance. 

Pay close attention to the casino’s cashback terms before opting into the promotion. Sometimes, shady venues promise tantalizing bonuses, only to snatch them away with ridiculously high wagering requirements. 

It doesn’t matter if a cashback campaign has awarded you $1,000 in casino money if you have to fulfill a 100x wagering requirement—you wouldn’t be able to withdraw any money until you played with $100,000. 

Wagering requirements are often made even more complex with the notion of varying playthrough counts. A slot game may contribute 100% to your playthrough requirements, while a game like blackjack may only bring 50%. That would mean a $20 bet on blackjack only counts as $10 towards your wagering requirements.

Source: Dylan Clifton

The 10 Best Online Casinos With a Cashback Bonus

While many online casinos offer cashback promotions, you should only play at legal, licensed, and reputable establishments. Here are some of our top choices for an online casino with a cashback bonus:

CasinoTop FeaturesGateway
DraftKings CasinoSportsbook and other various activities
Reasonable wagering requirements
Reputable casino operator
Visit the casino!
BetMGM CasinoOwned by real Las Vegas casino 
Plenty of cashback and other player campaigns
Large number of games
Visit the casino!
PokerStars CasinoExcellent for poker players
Cashback prizes and tournaments
Intuitive user interface
Visit the casino!
ComeOnAlmost no wagering requirements
Broad palette of payment options
Frequent casino campaigns
Visit the casino!
PartyCasinoExtensive live games library
Sportsbook section with daily updates
Mobile-friendly casino
Visit the casino!
Royal VegasReasonable playthrough requirements
Licenses by respectable gaming authorities
Substantial number of quality games
Visit the casino!
MansionCasinoExcellent payout rates
17 payment methods 
Responsive support staff
Visit the casino!
SpinzOver 3,000 casino games
Top-notch UI design
Attentive customer support
Visit the casino!
UnibetFair wagering requirements
Large number of quality software providers
Long-standing casino operator
Visit the casino!
Lucky DaysTrustworthy gaming licenses
Large number of live games
Great campaigns for slot players
Visit the casino!

Keep in mind that casino bonuses change over time, and none of the casinos above will necessarily maintain a cashback campaign in the future. If you search for new reputable establishments yourself, you should learn how to recognize a legal, trustworthy casino. 

All experienced punters have personal preferences on what makes an excellent online gambling site, but there are two objective factors you should consider regardless of your subjective assessments—the establishment’s licenses and reputation.

Every legal online casino has a license from a relevant gaming authority—usually a government agency that issues business licenses to iGaming venues in accordance with local gambling laws. In Canada, gambling regulations allow each province and territory to govern their iGaming markets individually

The majority of online casinos that can legally serve Canadian citizens have licenses from regulators in Ontario or Quebec, namely:

Since operating an online casino is technically illegal on Canadian soil (though playing at the same venues isn’t), these two regulators issue licenses to respectable off-shore casinos based in other countries. 

Depending on their location, reputable online casinos are also regulated by some of the following gaming authorities:

  1. Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (ISGSC)
  2. Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner (GGC)
  3. United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  4. Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA)
  5. Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB)
  6. Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)
  7. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Only play at licensed casinos with gaming permits from a relevant authority. When an unregulated venue promises a cashback reward that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Fraudulent establishments use fake bonuses and unreasonable wagering requirements to scam players. 

Other Signs of a Reputable Establishment

Always research a casino before signing up or depositing money. Besides checking if a casino has a proper gaming license, this process also involves learning more about its reputation.

Check out social media groups, relevant Reddit pages, and various review sites to form a rough opinion. Watch out for sponsored posts and emotional posts from disgruntled players on a losing streak. 

Though it can be tedious, it’s always smart to read a casino’s Terms and Conditions and FAQ pages before playing. There, you can learn valuable information about the playthrough requirements for cashback bonuses and other promotions. 

Even more importantly, these sections contain the casino’s data privacy and cybersecurity policies. A strong cybersecurity posture and an air-tight data privacy policy are essential hallmarks of a trustworthy venue. 

If the casino is vague about its eligibility or wagering requirements for cashback bonuses, you can always contact their customer support. However, a lack of concrete information on bonus conditions is already a red flag—in case the support staff proves unresponsive, consider avoiding the casino entirely. 

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Tuomas Laine

Navigating offers and finding the best, Tuomas is our dedicated Casino Bonus Hunter

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