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In the world of gambling, the term “free” can mean a lot of things. For many people, this word brings about excitement. Who doesn’t desire a few free bets to give themselves a statistical boost when playing, right?

Free bets have become a popular way for online casinos and other gambling institutes to attract players. While they can be a great way to give yourself a head start, there is often fine print and terms and conditions that you overlook when signing up.

Here at Bonusninja we aim to inform our Canadian gamblers with the most up to date and unbiased information in the industry. We promote responsible gaming practices and proper research to ensure that your online gaming experience remains safe and enjoyable.

Our goal in this post is to help you understand the terms and conditions, and be better prepared to make an informed decision when choosing a tasty incentive. We’ll help you learn more about both the pros and cons of a free bet offer. We also share a few important facts about the different types of free bets and ensure you know how to take full advantage of these bonus offers.

What Are Free Bets?

The term “free bets” is pretty self explanatory. It refers to bets that you can place at an online gambling platform without risking your own money.

There are many gambling websites that are starting to offer these bonuses, especially as the interest in betting games continues to increase throughout Canada. In fact, a recent report states that Canada may soon find its sports betting market growing to a value of $2 billion. Statistical data also shows that about 60% of people in Canada enjoy gambling activities.

When looking at free bets, there are several factors that come into play. In most cases, you should not expect to sign up, use your free bets, and win lots of free money. This is not how these bonuses work.

Instead, most platforms will give you free bets for a specific reason – such as for making your first deposit or perhaps referring someone to the platform.

Some platforms may also limit your options when using free bets. For example, the bets may be restricted to only a very specific game or set of games. In this case, you’ll have to use real money to place bets on other games.

While there are drawbacks to some of the best free bet offers you see at online casinos, it doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to the offers. In fact, some people profit significantly by taking full advantage of free bets loaded onto their accounts. The important thing here is to thoroughly understand how they work, as well as how you can best take advantage of the bonus offers.

In addition to the terms and conditions when signing up, it is also important to understand the gambling laws in Canada, specifically in the province in which you reside.

Free Bets: How They Work And Understanding The Fine Print

Before signing up for an offer that gives you free bets, it is important to understand how these offers work. Additionally, you should also educate yourself on the fine print – as there are often small terms that people ignore. In the end, this can cause problems when you want to perform certain transactions in the future, or get your money out.

Free bonuses or bets are promotional offers that some sportsbook platforms offer. You may also find certain casino and gambling websites offer free bets.

In these cases, you’ll usually be given an opportunity to access a type of sportsbook option on the website. When you are given free bets, it is important to note that it is not real money. Instead, sportsbook and casino platforms use bonuses to attract new users. At the same time, the free bets give you a chance to learn more about the platform without risking real money.

When signing up for an offer that gives you free bets, it is important to consider the terms and conditions. In most cases, you will find that there are limitations in terms of what you can do with the free bets.

For example, some platforms will give you free bets that you can only use on specific games. If you want to participate in other games, then you’ll need to make a deposit and use real money when placing a bet.

While considering the terms related to the bonus, make sure you look for limitations in withdrawals. Sometimes, the platform requires the player to make a certain amount of deposits and use a specific amount of real money on the platform before they can withdraw any winnings.

Free Bet Types

There are a couple of free bet types that you should familiarize yourself with. Each type comes with its pros and cons. Some bets are generally considered more convenient than others, and can be more attractive to the first time user.

The terms related to these free bets also tend to differ. We will take a closer look at some of the most popular free bet options that you may see while exploring online platforms.

No Deposit Free Bet

One of the best types that you can opt for would be no deposit free bets. These are bets you get without having to make a deposit on your account first. In most cases, you will only receive a small number of bets with these offers, but this can still be helpful if you want to explore a platform you haven’t used before. In some cases, a platform will offer you a no deposit free bet if your account has been inactive for a certain period of time. This promotion focuses on getting you back on the platform as an engaging gamer.

Reload Bets

Reload bets are also relatively common when playing online. These offers are available to people who are already registered and have been using the platform for some time. In many cases, you’ll find that these offers are provided to you directly by your betting operator or account manager. You’ll usually be given a percentage value of the amount you decide to deposit. For example, the platform may award you C$50 in free credits if you deposit C$100.

Similar to no deposit bets, these bets are offered to incentivize more use on the platform. If you are inactive, you might see reload bet offers coming in to encourage you to bet more.

Matched Bets

Matches best are probably the most popular offers you will find when signing up at a sportsbook website or an online casino in Canada.

These offers will match the full amount of your first deposit after successfully registering on the platform. For example, if you decide to deposit C$50, then you get an additional C$50 as a bonus loaded onto your account.

Sometimes, this offer relates to a specific bet instead. For example, if you decide to place a bet on an upcoming game of C$10, then you’ll get a match on this – which means the bet is increased to C$20.

Qualifying Bets

Another relatively popular option is called a qualifying bet. This offer usually tells you to do something specific and awards you free bonuses of bets in the process.

As an example, the platform may advise you to place a bet on a specific game – or even a certain match. When you do this action within the specified timeframe, you automatically get a free bet on the second match.

Disadvantages Of Free Bet Offers

Free bet offers can definitely have their benefits, and can help many gamers to get used to the platform and feel safe and secure while placing their first wagers.

When used correctly, you can greatly improve your chances of winning from an online gambling platform. At the same time, don’t overlook the drawbacks that free bonuses and bet offers present. You should understand both sides of these offers to ensure you make a more informed decision when choosing whether or not to use them.

With this in mind, we also want to address some of the most important disadvantages that you may experience when utilizing the best free bet offers.

  • Odd Minimums: Some gambling platforms have minimum odds that need to be met when you choose to use your free bonuses and bets. This can cause a significant limitation in your opportunity to place bets – especially if you prefer to opt for smaller bets, with the aim to reduce your losses should things go sideways.
  • Expiration: Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the majority of free bets will have an expiration date. If you do not use your free bets by a certain date, then they expire – and you’ll only be able to use real money when placing bets in the future. The major issue here is that some casinos will give you free bets that only last for a day. This can make it hard to ensure you use them to their full advantage.
  • Not Real Cash: Another important thing you should take note of is that free bets are NOT real cash. You cannot withdraw the value of the free bets in your account.
  • Increased Minimum Withdrawals: When you opt to use free bet offers given to you during a bonus offer, you’ll often find that your account gets restrictions in terms of withdrawals. Many casinos and betting platforms will demand that you first play with a certain amount of real money before you can request a cashout. This “real money’ does not include winnings you made while using the free bets.

Making The Most Of The Best Free Bet Offers

While there are a few cons to consider when looking at free bet offers, with the right strategy, you can benefit more. First of all, it is important to consider the different types of free bets that are available. Some have more restrictions than others. It’s usually a good idea to opt for an offer where you get free bets that match the initial deposit you make on the platform.

Before you make your first deposit, go through all of the required steps to verify your account. This will help to reduce waiting periods when you want to get started. It also helps to simplify the process of withdrawing funds from your account at a later date.

Start by choosing an online sportsbook platform and register an account. You’ll have to verify your email. When you sign into the platform, you will usually be able to start – but we recommend taking a moment to go through the account verification process. This may involve submitting certain documentation to the company that operates the website. This information helps them ensure you are a valid person and represent the data you entered during the registration process.

When you make your first deposit, avoid using the funds right away. Instead, turn to the free bets you receive as part of the welcome bonus offer. This way, you’ll minimize your risks as you familiarize yourself with the platform. When you make a bet and do not turn a profit, you’ll have peace of mind that you did not use your own funds in the process.

Another thing that you can do is utilize multiple free bet offers. This usually involves opening multiple accounts. You can take advantage of the free bets to get an idea of which platforms give you a better chance of winning. It is important to note that this may come with extra risks. If you use a welcome bonus on one platform and do not feel satisfied with the system, then it can be difficult to withdraw the money you deposited. You might have to use all the free bets and the money you used for the initial deposit before you can request any withdrawals.

You can use the free bets as a way to reduce your risks on the platform too. Consider using a strategy where you play bets on both sides. Use a free bet for one side, then a paid bet for the other. Of course, one of these will be a losing bet – but the other one will bring you a profit.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

We covered a few important facts related to the best free bet offers that you can find on Canadian online gambling platforms. There are a few questions that you may still have, which is why we also decided to look at the most frequently asked questions below.

How do you get free bets?

There are a few strategies that casinos and other gambling platforms use to deliver free bets to the consumer. As we mentioned in this post, there are a few different types of free bets that you can cash in on. When deciding how to best make use of free bets, always take these various types (listed above)into consideration.

The types of free bets serve as somewhat of a guideline to help you determine what steps you have to take if you want a bonus offer added to your account. It is also important to note that the specific regulations for free bonuses and bets can differ from one online gambling platform to the next.

What is the easiest bet to win?

When asking about the easiest bets to make a profit, it is important to note first that all types of bets come with their risks. Still, there are a few that many people consider “easy wins”.

Many people find that it’s relatively easier to win when they bet on a “Minutes to Score” game. A double chance bet is also an easier option compared to a straight win. Apart from these, you might also want to do some research on over and under goals, as well as goal-goal bets.

Which bet sites give a welcome bonus?

There are actually quite a few different betting platforms in Canada that give you access to a welcome bonus. Different types of welcome bonuses are offered by these platforms.

Make sure you understand how these welcome bonuses differ from each other. It is also important to take a close look at the terms and conditions related to the welcome bonus. Sometimes, there are strict requirements for either acquiring the bonus or for cashing out after you used the bonus bets or credits.

All of the sites recommended by us here at Bonusninja offer various welcome bonuses and free bets, and all are reputable operators.

What is the safest bet?

The truth is, there is no such thing as a 100% “safe” bet. This is because every type of bet you place carries a risk. If the game goes the other way, you lose the money you placed through the bet.

This is why it is important to start out small,and ensure you are implementing responsible gaming practices.

If you can get a bonus with some free bets, consider using these first. You’ll be able to get the hang of how things work on the platform and learn how to spot a good bet when the opportunity pops up.

How can I bet without risk?

There are a few strategies that you can use to reduce the risk you take on when placing a bet. The most effective strategy can work if you have some free bets to use on your preferred platform.

You will need to play with real money in this strategy too. The idea here is to place two bets – one on each team that will be involved in the game. The bets should be for the same amount. This way, you’ll lose money from the losing team but gain a profit from the winning team. Since you used a free bet in the process, you end up turning a profit.

Are free bets taxable?

Money won by online casinos, regardless of how it is procured, have to adhere to local tax policy. At the moment, recreational gamblers in Canada are not required to pay tax on their winnings.

Professional gamblers, or gamblers that are operating under a business or for a full time living have different tax restrictions that must be followed.

Are free bets worth it?

When used effectively, free bets can provide online gamers with a great opportunity to practice their skills, learn the platform, and minimize their risks. However, if the fine print is ignored, and gamers have a flawed understanding of how or when to use their free bets, they can be disappointed at the result.

If gamers are aware of the terms and conditions that come along with free bets, they can use them to increase their statistical advantage and increase their chance of success.

Final Verdict

Betting games on online casino platforms are becoming very popular but still hold a significant number of risks. With a free bets offer, however, you can reduce the risks you take on when betting on an upcoming game or race.

Even though free bets are convenient, there are a few things you should consider before signing up. This is because the fine print is sometimes not clearly stated during the sign-up process, which could result in disappointment later on – either when you want to start using the free bets or when you request your first withdrawal.

Here at Bonusninja our team works hard to find reputable operators who are adhering to local legislation and providing safe and honest opportunities for gamers. We recommend only trusted operators, and encourage our users to leave reviews on sites that prove to be otherwise. In operating this way, we can encourage responsible gaming and help the industry to continue to grow in Canada.