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One of the best things about joining a casino is being able to claim bonuses. There are a number of bonuses available to Canadian casino players. But none is quite as sought after as the No Deposit Bonus. It’s the Holy Grail of bonuses!

Often used to encourage players to sign-up. It’s literally what it says on the tin. Get a bonus. No deposit required.

It’s not available at every Online casino in Canada so it’s worthwhile reading our reviews at Bonus Ninja to ensure you find the right casino for you.

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                                          The Best No Deposit Bonuses in Canada

                                          Online casinos have massively increased in popularity over the last few years. One of the biggest contributors to attracting new players is by offering them something for nothing. That’s where a No Deposit Bonus comes into play.  

                                          No Deposit Bonuses are especially popular as an offer when you join a new casino. It gives you the chance to get a feel for the casino, try a new game something, and if you are lucky win some money. 

                                          As a Welcome Bonus, Canadian customers can benefit from a wide array of different No Deposit Bonuses. Usually the welcome consists of Free Spins or a Casino Bonus. The highest No Deposit Bonus we have seen is $88. We’ve also seen casinos that offer up to 100 Free Spins, no deposit necessary. But more on that later. 

                                          What is a No Deposit Bonus?

                                          There are a number of Casino Bonuses available to Canadian customers. But one of the most sought after is certainly the No Deposit Bonus. A No Deposit Bonus is simply a bonus that doesn’t require the action of making a deposit. That’s not to say no action is required, just not a deposit. The action may be to sign-up to a casino, or perhaps it is to log in.

                                          The reward also varies, but the most common is Free Spins. 

                                          Free Spins

                                          In the case of Free Spins, you get rewarded a set amount of free games on slot games. The Free Spins can be awarded on a specific game, on a number of games (usually from one provider) or on any slot game. 

                                          Sometimes you can get Free Spins, No Deposit needed simply my signing up. In fact, this is an incredibly popular Welcome Bonus at many casinos. You sign-up, they give you Free Spins. Simple right? Use your Free Spins to get a feel for the new casino or even just try a new game. 

                                          Another popular version of No Deposit Free Spins is to award you for signing in a specific time, to celebrate a special date or as a reward for reaching a new VIP level. 

                                          Free Bet

                                          Where Free Spins are rewarded on slot games, Free Bets are usually a no deposit casino bonus rewarded on other games. For example, you might get a Free Bet to use on Roulette or Blackjack. These are usually offered to regular players and VIPs. But there has been a recent trend at Canadian Casinos rewarding new customers simply for signing up.

                                          For new customers, the Free Bet is usually CA$5 or CA$10. But you can get lucky and claim a much bigger Free Bet. 

                                          It’s important to keep in mind that although you might receive a Free Bet without necessarily making a deposit you will most likely still be required to wager your bonus through the casino. Usually at least 30 times. That’s not to say it isn’t worthwhile, it’s just not always as simple as it seems. 

                                          Bonus cash

                                          Occasionally you can benefit from a cash reward without making a deposit. This definitely isn’t the most common bonus rewarded but it does happen. 

                                          Usually you’ll only get this sort of reward from winning a prize. For example, Casinos may run a tournament. You’ll need to meet certain requirements in order to qualify for your reward. Perhaps you’ll need to climb a leaderboard, or maybe you’ll be entered into a prize draw. Either way in order to get the cash reward you won’t necessarily need to make a deposit, but you will probably need to complete an action.

                                          Actions could include wagering a certain amount or logging into the casino every day over a specified period. 

                                          The great thing about this reward is no wagering is required. If you manage to claim the cash, you’ll be free to withdraw it. This is the only casino reward that genuinely comes with no strings attached. 

                                          What games can you play using a No Deposit Bonus?

                                          It all depends on the bonus. If you are rewarded Free Spins, you’ll only be able to use them on slots. Which slot all depends on the terms of the bonus. Casi

                                          nos are very fond of offering Free Spins on popular slots like Starburst. Occasionally you’ll be able to use your Free Spins on any slot game at a casino. You might even get lucky and receive the Free Spins on your favourite slot. 

                                          It’s not quite as common to receive a No Deposit Bonus on other casinos games. However, it’s not unheard of, occasionally you might get a Free Bet to place on Roulette, Craps or Blackjack. On even rarer occasions you might be lucky enough to receive a Free Bet to use on a specified table in a Live Casino. If you happen to come across one of these unicorns, we recommend you take full advantage.  

                                          At Bonus Ninja we research what’s out there and let you know where to find these special offers.

                                          How to claim a No Deposit Bonus in Canada?

                                          The rules of getting a No Deposit Bonus will vary from casino to casino and are based on the type of No Deposit Bonus you are trying to claim. 

                                          Signing up

                                          A No Deposit Bonus is the perfect bonus to help you get a feel for a casino. It gives you the chance to play for free without actually needing to deposit any money. Sometimes you’ll need to simply fill out the registration form to activate your bonus. At other times you may need to include a bonus code.

                                          As a little tip, you might be able to play the game before even signing up. It might be worthwhile to give it a spin before you actually receive your No Deposit Bonus. Of course, this is only possible if the game is available in a demo version. 

                                          Using a bonus code

                                          Although a No Deposit Bonus may be automatic when you sign-up, some No Deposit Bonuses require an extra action or step. Sometimes you will need to enter a bonus code to claim your bonus. 

                                          No Deposit Bonus Codes can be found on the casino’s site, on affiliate sites, and in the casino’s communications to you. 


                                          Occasionally you won’t need to enter a bonus code, your No Deposit Bonus will simply be credited to you automatically. It may be triggered by signing up to the casino, or for logging in at a specific time. Casinos might even credit Free Spins or another No Deposit reward for your birthday or another special occasion. 

                                          Through customer service

                                          For whatever reason, at any point in time you may need to contact customer service. If you’ve experienced some sort of difficulty with your account, customer service might offer you something small as a sort of apology. This little gift will usually come in the form of a No Deposit Bonus. You might receive Free Spins on your favourite slot or perhaps you’ll get a Free Bet on Blackjack. 

                                          On a different occasion, you might just be feeling a little cheeky and actually ask a customer service agent for a No Deposit Bonus. Chances are if you do, they will have a quick look at your account and if they deem you a valuable customer, they will give you what you ask for. This is an especially good tactic to try on your birthday. 

                                          Advantages and disadvantages of a No Deposit Bonus

                                          With such an increase in popularity over the last few years you might be wondering what the benefit is of a No Deposit Bonus. There are quite a few, but just remember that even the best things at life come with drawbacks. 


                                          Well the obvious advantage is that there is no need to make a deposit, no need to depart with your hard-earned cash. 

                                          On top of that, the best No Deposit Bonus will give you the opportunity to try out a new casino, a new game, or just have a little fun, risk free. 

                                          No Deposit Bonuses are also popular with customers who don’t want to share their financial information. With this sort of bonus, you can sign-up without needing to enter your financial details. Well, not at first anyway. 


                                          Winning real money through a No Deposit Bonus in Canada can be a little tricky. It’s usually simple enough to enjoy the No Deposit Bonus; you just need to place your Free Bet or take your Free Spins. The real problem comes when you actually want to withdraw your winnings.

                                          Like most Casino Bonuses you’ll need to wager your No Deposit Bonus through the casino a set amount of times. If the terms are fair that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but occasional a casino will require a very high wagering requirement that can only be met on limited games. This makes it very unlikely that you will actually ever see the winnings from your No Deposit Bonus.

                                          Can I win real money with no deposit bonus?

                                          Most frequently asked questions

                                          Can you win real money using a No Deposit Bonus?

                                          It’s not easy, but yes you can. It mostly depends on how fair the wagering requirements are. If you do want to try to actually withdraw real winnings from your bonus be sure to check the terms. You may only be able to meet the wagering requirements by playing on certain games.

                                          What are fair wagering requirements?

                                          Wagering requirements can vary greatly between casinos in Canada. Generally speaking, any casino that offers a bonus with wagering requirements between 20 and 40 times is considered very fair. There are a few casinos that require up to 60 or even 70 times wagering. We would suggest you steer clear of this sort of bonus. 

                                          Who can qualify for a No Deposit Bonus?

                                          Pretty much everyone. New customers can often benefit from a No Deposit Bonus simply by signing up to a casino. Seasoned players are often rewarded No Deposit Bonuses as gifts for their loyalty. Some casinos will offer No Deposit Bonuses to customers for completing certain actions during a special promotion.

                                          What casino games count towards meeting your wagering requirements?

                                          This all depends on the type of No Deposit Bonus you’ve qualified for. Say for example you’ve been rewarded Free Spins. Your Free Spins will be available to use on any slot games, or a specific slot game. You might also receive your No Deposit Bonus as a Free Bet. In this case it will depend on the terms of the bonus. Usually it’s only available on one game, for example Roulette.

                                          How do No Deposit Bonuses benefit a casino?

                                          You may think that there is no benefit for a Casino that offers a No Deposit Bonus. But there are actually several benefits. For one a No Deposit Bonus is a great way to entice new players to sign up for your site. The other benefit is that due to wagering requirements, it’s not always that easy for a customer to withdraw their winnings. This might actually encourage customers to make their first deposit and take advantage of the casino’s Welcome Reload Bonus.


                                          On the surface, no bonus seems more beneficial to you as a customer than a No Deposit Bonus. No need to part with your money, and all the benefit of playing for free in a casino.

                                          The format of the bonus varies depending on when you are taking advantage of it and which casino is offering it. 

                                          Remember you can always check out Bonus Ninja’s Casino Reviews to learn what’s on offer at different casinos. 

                                          As always remember to check out the terms and conditions of any bonus you want to accept so that you don’t get taken for a ride.